The Future of Digital Dentistry

In News by SprintRay Web Team

You may have noticed that things look a little different around here!

At SprintRay, our mission is to make 3D printing accessible, user-friendly, and reliable for dental clinics and labs across the world. We will settle for nothing less than the best experience that the world of additive manufacturing has ever seen, because we believe that putting technology in the hands of doctors and labs can drastically improve patient care and revitalize workflows.

The Next Ten Years

This mission has led us to change our image, but this is more than just a cosmetic change. We’ve learned a lot in the last year about how to support digital dentistry, and we packed all of that knowledge into this new website. In-depth information on a larger range of dental applications, a robust knowledge center, and new ways to get in touch with us are just a few of the features we’re most proud of.

We’re working hard on new ways to support dentists with support and training ecosystems that will take digital dentistry to new heights, and our new branding reflects our commitment to accepting and enacting measurable change. Poke around the new site – if we’ve done our jobs well, you’ll find it a pleasurable, informing experience.

With our new look and a renewed commitment to our mission, SprintRay is in a position to bring a new era of digital dentistry to the world.

Digital Design for the World of Fabrication

One of SprintRay’s most treasured core beliefs is that technology enriches our lives by opening up new pathways to innovation. Our new logo reflects this belief. Inspired by origami, the pixel, and DLP mirror technology that powers our printer, this new logo pays homage to the past while uplifting the technology that will power our future. Visually, the logo is designed to be highly flexible and usable on many mediums, which is a reflection of SprintRay’s commitment to leading and accepting change.