3D Print Dental Models

3D Print Dental Models

Fabricate restorative study models, removable dies, digital wax up models, and models for thermoforming clear aligners.

Digital Workflow
Pro 3D Printer

Fabricate accurate models for orthodontic and restorative study in-office in less than an hour. 3D print dental models for before-and-after patient presentation to help increase case acceptance. Print large quantities of models rapidly for use in the production of clear aligner therapy.

Available in your choice of color, all with outstanding dimensional accuracy and speed. SprintRay Die & Model resins are extremely reliable and easy to work with.

Key Benefits

  • Rapidly print up to 22 models in under an hour
  • Shown to be more accurate than traditional methods
  • Print models for an estimated $2 each in materials cost

Dental Study Models

3D print dental study models and digital wax ups to show beautiful anatomical detail. This precision allows for exceptional measurements, patient education, and laboratory collaboration. The color options allow for clinicians to choose the shade that most clearly shows detail.

Study Models for Presentation

Models for Aligners

Full-arch orthodontic model play an integral role in clear aligner therapy. Sequential models can be printed and used to thermoform clear aligners. In addition, complete orthodontic model can be used in conjunction with spray separators and laser soldering to fabricate orthodontic appliances.
About Clear Aligners

Digital Wax Up Models

Digitally build wax up models to show patients the results they can look forward to based on your treatment plans. Gather anatomical data using your intraoral scanner, then enhance with CAD software.
About Wax Up Models
Image courtesy of Dr. Marko Tadros, DMD

Removable Dies

Useful for visual aids in dental surgery and anatomical education, SprintRay's 3D printers produce parts with tight tolerances so that your removable dies come out perfect with each print.

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Our large library of dental printing materials are designed to get the most out of SprintRay 3D printers. Whether you're using resins from SprintRay or one of our growing list of materials partners, you’ll receive highly-accurate, outstanding results thanks to our extensive validation process.

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SprintRay Die and Model 2

Rapidly 3D Print High-contrast Dental Models

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  • Improved flexural modulus and strength
  • Up to 10% faster print speeds
  • Print up to eight full arch models in just 15 minutes*
  • Fantastic color and finish that mimics dental stone
  • Easy to separate from thermoforming materials
  • Biocompatible, FDA-compliant material


SprintRay Die & Model 2 represents a big step forward in dental modelling materials. Our new colors mimic classic dental stone and feature almost no pigment settling, which means you can spend more time printing and less time mixing. Improved adhesion to the build plate is matched by an increase in flexural modulus and strength, providing higher success rates and a reduced chance of breakage.

A reduced odor improves the quality of life for 3D printing models for an overall experience that your practice staff will love. Plus, Die & Model 2 resins are easier to separate from thermoforming materials, saving time and labor for more efficient in-office fabrication workflows. With rapid, repeatable results that are easier than ever to use, Die & Model 2 is helping to bring dental 3D printing into dental practices everywhere.

* When printed on SprintRay Pro with Ludicrous Speed profile. Learn More



Higher flexural modulus prevents the model from distorting, which can impact accuracy.

Die and Model 2
2650 MPa
Die and Model
1700 MPa


Higher flexural strength ensures that the model doesn't break during normal use.

Die and Model 2
91.5 MPa
Die and Model
66.7 MPa

SprintRay Study Model White 2

Rapid, pure-white models for patient presentation

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SprintRay Study Model White 2 is a special material formulation that provides outstanding color, clarity, and production speed, making it perfect for patient presentation. With a 20% increase in curing efficiency, you can offer same-day mockups and waxups. Plus, get pure white prints every time thanks to an improved color formulation that doesn’t discolor during post-processing.

  • Wow patients with same-visit mockups and waxups
  • 20% faster; print full-arch models in just 18 minutes
  • Pure white color, even after post-curing


Higher speed means faster model production, allowing for same-day waxup and diagnostic models.

Study Model White 2
17 Minutes
Die & Model 2 Gray
24 Minutes

Digital Workflow Explained

3D Printing Dental Models

Using an intraoral scan and optional CBCT data, you can use 3rd-party software or RayWare to complete the edges and fill the holes of your scan. Because horizontal space doesn't add time to your print, feel free to stack as many models horizontally along the platform as you'd like.

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Capture Data

First capture and record a patient's anatomy using an intraoral scanner or other scanned data.


Design and Plan

Design the appliance using dental CAD software or outsource design to a digital lab and recieve print files.
Image courtesy of 3Shape


Print and Process

Prepare 3D models, print them, and post-process according to requirements.



Deliver appliance as recommended.
SprintRay Pro 3D Printer

More Accurate than Stone

A recent university study found SprintRay Pro more accurate and consistent than traditional alginate methods. With an average RMS of 129±16μm for 3D printing compared to 177±25μm for alginate methods, SprintRay Pro is ready to meet the clinical demands of contemporary dentistry

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About SprintRay Pro
SprintRay vs Others

Dental 3D Printing Control Center

RayWare is the 3D printing software that’s designed specifically for dental professionals. It’s easy to learn, and our California-based support team is just a phone call away. In addition to nesting printable files, RayWare allows you to fix, close, and base raw intraoral scans from any scanner with a click of a button.
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Compatible 3D Scanners

You can use any scanner type you’d like with RayWare. We accept any .STL formatted scan data. This list of scanners shows many options that our customers often use, but it is not an exclusive list.

  • 3Shape - Desktop & IOS
  • Planmeca - IOS
  • Cerec - IOS
  • 3M - IOS
  • iTero - IOS
  • Medit - Desktop & IOS
  • Dental Wings - Desktop & IOS
  • Carestream - IOS
  • Shining 3D - Desktop & IOS
  • Condor - IOS
  • Heron - IOS
  • Open Technologies - Desktop

Compatible Design Software

RayWare allows you to choose a dental design software that meets your clinical needs. This list shows our recommended options, but RayWare accepts any design file formatted in .STL, which means you can use whatever you’re most comfortable with.

  • 3Shape
  • BlueSkyBio
  • Exocad
  • Archform
  • Orthoselect
  • eXceed Ortho

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