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Aired on July 21st

3D Printing Single Crowns In-office

Dr. Daniel Vasquez, DDS
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In this webinar, Dr. Daniel Vasquez will demonstrate 3D printing workflows for definitive single crowns using SprintRay Crown™ by BEGO. He will also discuss 3D printing for inlays, onlays, and veneers. Learn how restorative 3D printing can improve in-office efficiency and increase case acceptance. Send your patients home with a confident smile. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of using SprintRay Crown™ resin, a biocompatible FDA 510(k) cleared material
  • Learn how to efficiently plan and 3D print single crowns, inlays, onlay, and veneers 
  • Gain familiarity with in-office 3D printing workflows using the SprintRay ecosystem

Aired on June 8th

3D Printing Basics with SprintRay

Dr. Sully Sullivan
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In this webinar, Dr. Sully Sullivan will demonstrate 3D printing workflows for producing dental appliances in-office using the SprintRay ecosystem. Tune in to learn how to implement this workflow in your office, saving time, money, and improving the patient experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide an overview of the scan-to-print workflow for 3D printing using the SprintRay ecosystem
  • Demonstrate how the SprintRay in-office workflow can help dentists deliver appliances while reducing costs and lead times
  • Review current options for design and materials including SprintRay Cloud Design and new resin offerings

Aired on March 31st

In-office 3D Printing for Dental Implant Workflows by SprintRay

Dr. Josh Nagao
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In this webinar, Dr. Josh Nagao will demonstrate 3D printing workflows for dental implants, and how the implementation can improve patient outcomes. Learn to design and fabricate surgical guides in your office for accurate implant placement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to efficiently plan and 3D print simple surgical guides for single implants
  • Gain familiarity with workflow for 3D printing provisional restorations for guided implants
  • Understand the direction full-arch dentistry is moving toward in regards to interim restorations

Aired on March 3rd

3D Printing Trial Smiles for Smile Design

Dr. Kristine Aadland
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How does your patient really know what their future smile could look like? 3D printing allows dental professionals to fabricate easy and affordable "trial smiles," giving both dentist and patient a roadmap for success. This webinar will focus on the steps to 3D print trial smiles from scan to placement. Learn tips for delivering a permanent new smile and elevating the patient experience. Implement the digital workflow in your office using your chairside CAD/CAM system, increase your ROI, and love the everyday process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn key elements of 3D printing for Smile Design
  • Discover the benefits of using a "Trial Smile”
  • Demonstrate procedure strategy to increase efficiencies for chairside restorations
  • Show staining and glazing tips for chairside anterior restorations

Aired on January 20th

3D Printing Hybrid Materials for Full Mouth Rehab

Dr. Paul Zhivago, DDS
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Dental 3D printing has elevated patient care due to the speed and efficiency of the digital in-office workflow from scan to print. SprintRay is at the forefront of 3D printing technology and its in-house resins, such as the OnX nanoceramic hybrid, help dental professionals provide the best in full-mouth rehabilitation.

Learning Objectives:

  • How hybrid 3D printing materials are stronger and more aesthetic
  • Why using hybrid 3D printing materials lowers manufacturing costs in the office and labs
  • The SprintRay 3D printing workflow from scan to print

Aired on December 17th

Same-day Guided Surgery with SprintRay 3D Printing

Dr. Storm Hagen, DDS
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When paired with AI-powered design, SprintRay 3D printing can enable same-day guided surgery workflows with almost no design work. In this webinar, Dr. Storm Hagen will demonstrate how to use SICAT’s new Rapid Digital Guide, a new tool leveraging AI design, to 3D print surgical guides with SprintRay in a single appointment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how artificial intelligence design is creating opportunities for same-appointment guided surgery workflows
  • Learn how SICAT Rapid Digital Guide integrates with SprintRay in-office 3D printing
  • Discover the 3D printing workflow for same-day guided surgery in your office with almost no design work

Aired on November 18th

SprintRay's 3D Printing for Periodontics and Surgical Practices

Dr. Jin Y. Kim                                                                DDS, MPH, MS, FACD
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3D printing has revolutionized the modern dental practice, making digital workflows highly efficient and accurate. In this webinar, Dr. Jin Kim will discuss his use of SprintRay’s 3D printing technology and how he has integrated digital workflows in his private practice of periodontics and dental implant therapy as well as an overview of his practice’s adaptation from analog to digital.

Learning Objectives:

  • Survey of in-office 3D printing for periodontics and implantology
  • Demonstrate how technology can elevate patient care
  • Learn Dr. Kim’s digital periodontal & surgical workflow


Aired on September 22nd

From the Office to the OR : 3D printing Applications for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Baber Khatib                                                  DDS, MD, FRCD(C), FACS
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3D printing has revolutionized the dental industry with in-house digital workflows.These workflows have created exciting applications for OMFS surgeries. In this webinar, Dr. Baber Khatib will share his experience with POC 3D printing and full scope oral and maxillofacial surgery, from everyday office implants to complex hospital-based procedures including trauma and cancer reconstructive surgery.

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide an overview of in-office 3D printing for OMFS surgeries from the clinic to the OR 
  • Learn how Dr. Khatib uses 3D printing to enable the “Jaw in Day®” surgery
  • Demonstrate how technology has helped elevate the standard of care for maxillofacial surgery


Aired on August 26th

Remastering Dentures: In-Office 3D Printing Workflows

Dr. Andrew C. Johnson                                      DDS, MDS, CDT, FACP
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Digital dentures are ever-evolving, meeting and exceeding patient and provider expectations. Using SprintRay’s 3D printing ecosystem, dentists can drastically reduce lead times and improve the patient experience. Dr. Andrew Johnson will demonstrate this workflow for delivering dentures from scan to print..

Learning Objectives:

  • Compare traditional denture processes to digital 3D printing workflows
  • Repurpose existing technologies and techniques to suit the digital age
  • Improve the efficiency of digital clinical and laboratory practice vs traditional treatment flow

Aired on August 25th

European - 3D Druck in der Zahnarztpraxis: Vorteile für Ihren Workflow, heute und in Zukunft

von Dr. med. dent. Gerhard Werling
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3D Druck in der Zahnarztpraxis ist mehr als nur eine neue Technologie. Erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar anhand konkreten Fallbeispielen mehr rund um das Thema digitalen Workflow und den dentalen 3D Druck direkt in der Praxis.

Zielsetzung des Webinars:
  • Erläuterungen zum Einsatz von 3D-Druck in der
  • Konkrete Fallbeispiele und digitaler
  • Q&A Session am Ende des Webinars

Aired on July 28th

3D Printing for Full Mouth Cosmetic Dentistry

by Dr. Wade Pilling, DMD
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Adding SprintRay 3D printing to your digital cosmetic workflow can lead to healthier tissues and more predictable bonding. Learn the materials, software, and workflow for making your full-mouth rehab more digital, predictable, and profitable.

Course Objectives:
  • Demonstrate how 3D printed temps can make for healthier tissue
  • Discover the advantages of 3D printed temp materials vs Bisacryl
  • Understand the workflow for a more predictable & profitable full-mouth rehab

Aired on June 24th

Efficiency and Versatility Strategies for In-House High-Volume 3D Printing

by Dr. Ryan K. Tamburrino, DMD
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Shorten the time between scan and fabrication with in-house 3D printing.

Getting a good working model used to be one of the largest rate-limiting steps in appliance turnaround time. Now you can 3D print aligners in bulk with the robust capabilities of the SprintRay Pro95 printer.

Course Objectives:
  • Learn how to achieve maximum efficiency with ArchForm software and the SprintRay Pro95 3D printer.
  • Discuss strategies for rapid model preparation, build plate optimization, print staging efficiency, and more.

Aired on June 16th

Effective, Efficient and Impactful: Why & How to 3D Print Night Guards In-office

by Dr. Joshua Fowler, DMD
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With grinding and clenching issues on the rise, treating occlusal issues has become more important than ever.
In this webinar, Dr. Josh Fowler will provide an actionable workflow for producing occlusal guards in-office using SprintRay. He will demonstrate how using SprintRay can save time, money, and elevate the patient experience. 

Course Objectives:
  • Provide an overview of the scan-to-print workflow for occlusal guard and surgical guide fabrication. 
  • Demonstrate how the SprintRay in-office workflow can help dentists deliver custom night guards while reducing costs and lead times.
  • Review current options for design and materials including SprintRay Cloud Design and new resin offerings.

Aired on June 10th

Improving the Implant Workflow with SICAT and SprintRay’s 3D Printing Solution

by Dr. Storm Hagen, DDS
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Learn how to easily design and print surgical guides using SICAT software and SprintRay 3D printing.
Dr. Hagen will show you how to use the SICAT software to digitally merge CT and intraoral scans for full digital implant planning. You’ll also see how easy it is to directly export plans for implants, OSA appliances, functional prosthetics, and more to your SprintRay printer for guide fabrication.

Course Objectives:
  • Discuss SICAT Suite applications for implant planning, appliance-based treatment of snoring and OSA, endodontic treatment, functional prosthetics, and more.
  • Learn how using the SICAT Suite with SprintRay 3D printing can improve your WOPR (workflow, outcomes, patient experience, and ROI).

Aired on May 12th

How can 3D printing transform your practice?

by Dr. Sundeep Rawal, DMD
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In this webinar, Dr. Sundeep Rawal will provide a comprehensive overview of the 3D printing process and discuss what you need to know when implementing it in your practice.

Course Objectives:

  • A roadmap for implementing and leveraging the full SprintRay ecosystem from scan to print
  • Discuss the options and workflows for designing applications with an emphasis on crowns and occlusal guards
  • Provide real-world examples from Dr. Rawal’s in-office temp crown, occlusal guard workflows, and dentures

Aired on March 18th

The Full Digital Denture Workflow

by Dr. Alan Jurim, DDS
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Digital dentures offer the promise of drastically reduced lead times, a better patient experience, and a simpler workflow for the doctor. In this webinar, Leading CAD/CAM denture expert Dr. Alan Jurim breaks down the full workflow for delivering digital dentures - from scanning, to designing, to fabrication techniques.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate the full workflow for digital denture delivery, from scan to design to fabrication
  • Survey existing fabrication techniques and materials currently available for denture production
  • Discuss a roadmap for starting to deliver digital dentures in your office

Aired on March 12th

Innovative Implantology With 3D Printing

by Dr. Nader Salib, DDS
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In this exciting 2 part webinar, Dr. Nader Salib will demonstrate how he incorporates 3D printers into his oral surgery practice. He will display innovative uses and cases for using technology in the surgical workflow and explain how 3D printing technology is used for implantology. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to incorporate 3D printing into the guided surgery workflow and consider all available options
  • Explore the application of new technology, including SprintRay Pro 3D printer and Dashboard Design
  • Present cases where advanced technology and techniques were used to increase the efficiency of treatment

Aired on February 25th

3D Print Crown & Bridge
in Your Office

by Dr. Daneil Vasquez, DDS
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The transition from analog to digital impressions marked a watershed moment in digital dentistry. Today, output technologies like CEREC and 3D printing are rapidly improving clinical workflows and the patient experience. In this course, Dr. Vasquez will provide an outline for the fully digital restoration workflow with 3D printing. 

Course Objectives:

  • Provide an overview of the digital workflow using CEREC and SprintRay 3D printers
  • Compare and contrast the Pro95 and Pro55 - when to use one versus the other
  • Discuss how Pro55 is a prosthodontist must-have printer and why it’s great for full-mouth restorations
  • Show single-crown impression case and discuss 3D printing long term and temporary crown and bridge provisionals on Pro55

Aired on February 18th

Special Webinar Presentation Smile Design with SprintRay Dashboard

by Dr. Lawrence Fung, DDS
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Delivering everyday wins for your patients is a great way to build your practice, and In this special webinar, Dr. Lawrence Fung presents 3 clinical cases where Dashboard Design is used to streamline his digital workflow. If your clinic does aesthetic work or delivers occlusal guards, Dashboard 2.0 with Cloud Design can radically simplify your workflow. Dr. Fung will demonstrate how Dashboard integrates with SprintRay 3D printing products to improve the patient experience and increase case acceptance. tools make it possible to exceed expectations. With an Itero 5D intraoral scanner and the SprintRay Pro 3D printer, it’s easy to educate your patients, adding value and increasing case acceptance.

Some additional details on what Dashboard can do for you!

  • Digital smile and occlusal guard design is a fully-integrated experience that's as easy as clicking a button.
  • A full redesign of the print monitoring system puts you in control of your production output.
  • Redesigned user interface that's easier to use than ever and retains all existing functionality.

Aired on February 11th

Delivering Patient Delight with SprintRay Pro

by Dr. Joshua Austin, DDS
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Delivering everyday wins for your patients is a great way to build your practice, and digital tools make it possible to exceed expectations. With an Itero 5D intraoral scanner and the SprintRay Pro 3D printer, it’s easy to educate your patients, adding value and increasing case acceptance.

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate methods for using scanning and 3D printing to educate and increase case acceptance
  • Discuss ways to use technology to simplify value-added services like bleaching trays and nightguards
  • Show how to integrate digital dentistry into the new patient experience to deliver an unforgettable visit

Aired on February 4th

Restorative 3D Printing With SprintRay Pro55

by Dr. August de Oliveira, DDS
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3D printing presents big opportunities for increasing the efficiency of your restorative workflow and delivering the wow-factor for your patients. In this webinar, Dr. August de Oliveira will discuss how he uses the new SprintRay Pro55 printer to fabricate implant analogues, provisionals, and definitive restorations.

Course Objectives:

  • Provide an overview of how SprintRay Pro55 can be used to improve the in-office restorative workflow
  • Discuss case studies and processes for 3D printing implant analogues, temps, and definitive restorations
  • Demonstrate how Pro55 can unlock efficiency as a second in-office 3D printer in the dental practice

Aired on January 21st

Integration of Cerec InLab and SprintRay

by Dr. Jeffrey Kay, DDS
& Dr. Joseph Faber, DDS
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The integration of SprintRay 3D printing and CEREC can create incredible efficiencies for a dental office. Drs. Joseph Faber and Jeffrey Kay are partners in an emerging DSO that currently has 7 locations and has fully integrated SprintRay and CEREC inLab, leveraging 3D printing to create as many same-day opportunities for their patients as possible.

Course objectives:

  • Provide an overview of where SprintRay fits into the interoffice workflow
  •  Help clarify if CEREC inLab is the right software for you
  • Demonstrate the simplicity of using SprintRay and CEREC inLab
  • Show how you can utilize SprintRay and CEREC inLab up to five times in a single case

Aired on January 14th

In-house Aligners with SprintRay and Carestream

by Dr. Andrew Nalin, DDS
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3D printing is becoming known for reducing lead times and costs associated with delivering aligner treatment. In this webinar, Dr. Andrew Nalin breaks down the digital workflow for fabricating aligners in-house with SprintRay and Carestream. Course objectives:

  • Showcase the digital workflow for in-house aligners from scan to print
  • Discuss methods and upsides to same-day aligner delivery with SprintRay Pro95
  • Explore the integrations between SprintRay and Carestream for aligner delivery

Aired on December 17th

Leveraging Digital for Sleep Appliances

by Dr. Joe Magness, DDS
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In this course, Dr. Magness will demonstrate how to leverage digital technology to help increase the efficiency of airway device design and production using SprintRay and Ripple. He will also discuss Devdent's comprehensive solution to implement these procedures to improve patient care as well as financially strengthen your practice.

Course objectives:

  • Discuss 3D printing technology and how it can be used to fabricate TMJ and sleep/airway appliances
  • Explore Ripple design workflow for scanning and submitting files for design
  • Demonstrate the value of a digital workflow for delivering airway devices in your practice

Aired on December 3rd

3D Printing for Single Tooth Implants

by Dr. Thomas Eshraghi, DMD
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Guided implant surgery can improve peace of mind for both you and your patients. With the right digital technologies, you can scan, plan, and print guides in your practice.

Course Objectives:

  • Review guided implant placement and provisionalization in the aesthetic zone
  • Roadmap the digital workflow from scanning to planning, utilizing the Pro95 for stent and provisional fabrication
  • Demonstrate the unique capabilities of the Trios Design studio and CoDiagnostix and how they each can improve the implant workflow

Aired on November 19th

3D Printing for Restorative Cases

by Dr. Cory Glenn, DDS
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In this webinar, we’ll examine software, materials, and 3D printing itself to explore how we can use technology to change our approach to restorative treatments and improve the patient experience.
Course Objectives:

  • Examine new 3D printing materials for use as permanent restorations
  • Roadmap imaging, design, and printing of fillings and crowns
  • Explore methods for making shell temps and a technique for single-visit smile rehab
  • Demonstrate how to use Blue Sky Bio and Meshmixer to design restorations

Aired on Oct 29th

Custom Braces Made Easy

With 3D printing, DIBS AI, and KLOwen Braces

by Dr.Brandon Owen, Presidnet /Founder of KLOwen Braces, DDS, MS
Steven Gardner CEO of OrthoSelect
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3D printing, artificial intelligence, and digital software can come together to create incredible efficiencies in orthodontics. In this webinar, Dr. Brandon Owen and Steven Gardner come together to discuss synergies between hardware and software in digital orthodontics.
Course Objectives:

  • Provide an overview of the tools available to digital orthodontists today, including 3D printers and digital design software
  • Demonstrate how SprintRay Pro, the DIBS AI software, and KLOwen braces leverage these tools to provide better outcomes
  • Discuss available materials for printing indirect bonding trays, especially KeyStone IBT, to ensure accurate, rapid bracket placement

Aired on Oct 8th

Designing & 3D Printing Occlusal Guards

by Dr. Patrick Moore, DDS
Dr. Seth Atkins, DDS
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3D printing occlusal guards in-office is a great way to improve the patient experience and increase efficiency. Many dental offices stumble when it comes to understanding the design component of printing in-office. Dr. Seth Atkins and Patrick Moore are teaming up to demonstrate the tools, knowledge, and skills required to help your patients protect their smiles.
Course Objectives:

  • Introduce the principles and tools for designing splints, including D3Splint and SprintRay Dashboard 2.0
  • Discuss available 3D printers and materials and their relevance in the design process
  • Provide a workflow for using different methods to orient your digital scans in an articulator to achieve better results
  • Consider relevant alternative for those who don't have the time or interest to learn how to design splints themselves

Aired on September 17th

Automate, Eliminate, and Delegate with 3D Printing

by Dr. Heather Hopkins, DMD
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Dr. Heather Hopkins is a partner in a multi-disciplinary practice in Columbia, SC, that includes orthodontics, general practice, and pediatric care. Dr. Hopkins is a pioneer when it comes to utilizing technology to deliver orthodontic care in her practice. She is known for her in-office efficiencies and systems to delegate the digital workflow.

Objectives of this webinar:

  • Demonstrate versatility of 3D printing for IDB, aligners, and clear retainers
  • Discuss workflows for remaking lost or broken aligners/retainers without a patient visit by reprinting the model
  • Offer advice on automating and delegating 3D printing and other digital dentistry tasks to maximize the productivity of orthodontic clinics

Aired on September 10th

An Occlusal Guard for Every Patient

by Dr. Baron Grutter, DDS
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It may not be sexy, but it's real world dentistry. Occlusal Guards are something that many patients can benefit from, but traditional methods result in slow delivery and high fees. But recent developments, most notably the collaboration of Keystone Industries and SprintRay, now provide a rapid, cost-effective solution that fits most any practice. 
In this webinar, Dr. Baron Grutter will explore the benefits, applications, and workflows for 3D printing occlusal guards in your practice.

Objectives of this webinar:

  • Demonstrate how efficient, fast, and predictable 3D printing occlusal guards can be
  • Discuss methods for designing and techniques for 3D printing and post-processing occlusal guards
  • Provide a roadmap for 3D printing guards in your office with minimal work and substantial savings

Aired on August 19th

Achieving Efficiency Through Teledentistry and 3D Printing

by Dr. Jonathan Shouhed, DDS
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Dr. Jonathan Shouhed runs a high-tech digital orthodontics practice in Los Angeles, where he 3D prints models for in-office aligner production. He has been very successful in leveraging digital appointment workflows to expand his business and provide outstanding patient care. 

Objectives of this webinar:

  • Outline a successful workflow for engaging with patients through teledentistry
  • Demonstrate how to utilize virtual appointments to to increase practice efficiency
  • Provide a roadmap for using 3D printing to fabricate aligners in-office

Aired on August 13th

3D Printing: The Pragmatic Digital Tool for General Practitioners

by Dr. Usa Bunnag, DDS, FACD, FICD, FPFA
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Dr. Usa Bunnag owns two comprehensive dental practices in Bethesda and Silver Spring, Maryland, where she uses her SprintRay Pro to deliver outstanding patient care. From 3D printing for in-house clear aligners to restorative study models, her printers get used for myriad applications. In addition to her award-winning humanitarian efforts and accolades, Dr. Bunnag emphasizes the use of technology in the practice as a pragmatic, useful solution for many pain points in dentistry.

Objectives of this course:

  • Introduce and explore options for 3D printing clear aligners in the office
  • Show creative PPE solutions with 3D printing in response to COVID-19
  • Provide an overview of clinical applications for 3D printing for general practitioners

Aired on August 7th

3D Printing, CEREC, and CBCT Integration for In-Office Surgical Guide Fabrication

by Dr. Sathvik Begur Seshadri, DMD
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3D printing surgical guides is a profitable way to leverage in-office manufacturing that provides an improved patient experience. But bringing together the many systems involved can seem daunting. In this course, Dr. Sathvik Begur Seshadri will discuss methods for combining disparate information from CEREC, CTCT, and 3D printing to create chairside surgical guides with minimal cost and effort.

Learning Objectives for This Course:

  • Introduce 3D printing and its place within the surgical guide manufacturing ecosystem
  • Roadmap the steps and software necessary for digitally designing surgical guides, including preparation for 3D printing
  • Showcase successful cases that leveraged the benefits of digital design and 3D printing
  • Briefly touch upon workflows for digital wax-ups and occlusal guards, splints, and Essix retainers

Aired on July 31st

SprintRay Office Hours

by Dr. Amir Motamedi, DDS
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SprintRay’s own in-house clinical advisor, Dr. Amir Motamedi, DDS, held a live Office Hours webinar on Friday, July 31st to answer your questions about 3D printing in the dental practice. Dr. Motamedi specializes in printing for smile design and occlusal guards but has expertise across a wide range of therapies. 

Office Hours Agenda:

  • Provide a dental 3D printing workflow overview
  • Discuss and answer questions submitted before the webinar
  • Demonstrate methods for post-processing 3D printed parts
  • Conduct a live Q&A session

Aired on July 15th

Dr. Shao Presents: Non-clinical Uses for Dental 3D Printing

by Dr. Steven Shao
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This webinar will approach 3D printing in dentistry from a different perspective. Commonly, 3D printing technology in dentistry is treated as only a way to fabricate dental prosthetics and appliances. This webinar invites you to view 3D design and 3D printing as potential solutions to a wide range of issues and problems not limited to clinical operations.

Course Objectives:

  • Showcase ways to use 3D printing to addresses PPE shortages and improve comfort and safety
  • Explore the printing of custom face shields, mask frames, high-volume chairside suction devices, and suction mirrors
  • Introduce a design engineering approach to dentistry, technology, and projects that are profitable, fulfilling, and fun

Aired on July 9th

3D Printing Workflow Optimization with D3Splint and KeySplint Soft

by Dr. Storm Hagen
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Dr. Storm Hagen has leveraged 3D printing in his dental office to help increase efficiency and deliver an outstanding patient experience. In this course, Dr. Hagen will provide insights into how he uses the D3Splint software to design nightguards that he then 3D prints.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss using D3Splint software to create a nightguard digitally - including the preparation necessary for 3D printing
  • Learn how to optimize your printing workflow, including tips and tricks for how to include staff in the prep and post-processing stages
  • Provide an overview of the new features released in RayWare 2.5 and their relevant potential clinical applications
  • Other fun ways to use 3D printing to help increase the efficiency of your dental practice

Aired on June 26th

SprintRay Remote Events with SoCal AGD 3D Printing for Smile Design:
Increase Case Acceptance with Digital Waxups

by Dr. Cory Glenn
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One of the most reliable ways to get patients to accept elective treatment is to obtain a digital waxup and transfer it into the patient's mouth. However, getting a traditional waxup can be expensive and time-consuming. This webinar will focus on how these can be done entirely within the dental office at a fraction of the price of traditional lab waxups.

Course Objectives:

  • Review the principles of digital smile design and the diagnostic info needed
  • Introduce techniques to leverage 3D printing to reduce the cost and lead time of waxups by producing them in the dental office
  • Discuss how to use the completely free Blue Sky Bio Crown and Bridge module to perform the waxup efficiency with digital data
  • Introduce shell temps and printable restorative materials

Aired on June 18th

Impresión 3D para aplicaciones de ortodoncia

by Dr. Carlos Rauseo
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El Dr. Carlos Rauseo opera una clínica de ortodoncia que utiliza lo último en tecnologías digitales. En este curso, mostrará las muchas formas en que usa su impresora 3D SprintRay para mejorar su flujo de trabajo y mejorar la experiencia del paciente.

Objetivos del Curso:

  • Proporcione una descripción general de los numerosos dispositivos de ortodoncia que se pueden imprimir en
  • 3D con las impresoras 3D SprintRay
  • Explica qué resinas SprintRay están disponibles y cómo el Dr. Rauseo usa cada una de ellas en su práctica
  • Demuestre un sistema de unión directa que el Dr. Rauseo crea y cómo imprimirlo
  • Revise los casos de ortodoncia en los que se utilizó la impresión 3D y muestre cómo cambió el proceso

Aired on June 11th

3D Printing: From Impression to Final Treatment

by Dr. Daniel Vasquez, DDS
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In this course, Dr. Daniel Vasquez will introduce the 3D printing workflow that has successfully been implemented in his office. He’ll cover the full process, from digital impression to design software options to specific applications such as restorative dentistry and placing implants.

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how everything starts with a digital impression
  • Present tips for how to integrate 3D printing into your daily practice
  • Discuss the important considerations when choosing a 3D printing system
  • Provide an overview of using 3D printing for restorative dentistry
  • Introduce methods for using 3D printing to practice implant dentistry

Aired on June 4th

3D Technologies for Guided Endodontic Surgery

by Dr. David Kelliny, DDS
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Dr. Kelliny is a pioneer of using 3D printed guides to perform endodontic surgery. This process reduces patient discomfort by significantly reducing drill time. In this course, Dr. Kelliny will provide a roadmap for leveraging 3D technology for endodontic surgery.

Course Objectives:

  • Clinical case presentation of 3D guided endodontics
  • Overview of surgical guide fabrication and applications
  • Processes of guided case selection and treatment planning
  • Usage of Blue Sky Bio to design and fabricate the endodontic guides for treating moderate to severe calcified cases and surgery

Aired on May 28th

The Future of 3D Printing in Dentistry

by Dr. Gerry Kugel , DMD, MS, PhD
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Do you understand 3-D printing? Are you considering going completely digital? Are you making your own surgical guides or orthodontic appliances? Have you considered printing your own PPE? This course will introduce what you need to know about 3D printing!

Course Objectives:

  • Cover the basics to advanced-level methods of using intraoral and optical scanning techniques
  • Discuss 3D printing techniques and methods for fabricating surgical guides, PPE, nightguards and digital dentures
  • Introduce available relatively-inexpensive desktop 3D printers
  • Present a practical approach to incorporating 3D printing into your everyday dental practice

Aired on May 21st

Custom In-office Digital Braces

Brandon Owen, Presidnet /Founder of KLOwen Braces
Jared Gianquinto, DMD, Founder of OrtoArts
Steven Gardner CEO of OrthoSelect
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Custom digital braces are better for both doctor and patient, allowing for high levels of customization and speedy delivery. In this webinar, learn about software that finally allows dental professionals to bring digital custom braces in-house with same-day starts.

In this webinar, Dr. Brandon Owen, Steven Gardner of the digital lab OrthoSelect, and Dr. Jared Gianquinto are teaming up to share the latest in orthodontic innovation. From 3D custom braces to same-day 3D printed indirect bonding trays, now is an exciting time for orthodontics.

Objectives of This Webinar:

  • Learn to directly 3D print IDB trays in-office using new DIBS AI software for same-day IDB
  • Understand why digital custom braces are better for both doctors and patients
  • Learn about software that finally allows digital custom braces in-house with same-day starts

Aired on May 15th

Guided Surgery Made Easy With FullContour and SprintRay

Dr. Daniela Palencia, DDS, Implantologist
Cary Forest, SprintRay Product Manager
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Understanding all the nuances of digital design is a barrier for many who would like to fabricate their own surgical guides. In this webinar, Dr. Daniela Palencia will partner with SprintRay's own Cary Forest for a dive into how to leverage digital tools, from Implant Studio to SprintRay Pro, to help improve your confidence and proficiency when performing guided implant surgery.

Topics Covered in this Webinar:

  • Easy virtual extractions and adequate nerve positioning
  • How generic abutments available in Implant Studio aid in the visualization of the final abutment
  • How to improve the stability of your surgical guide
  • Adequate positioning of the anchor pins in fully edentulous cases
  • Complete drill protocols available in Implant Studio

Aired on May 8th

Digital Indirect Bonding with Sprintray Pro

by Dr. Lisa Alvetro, DDS, MSD
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Digital indirect bonding is a growing trend in orthodontics with many options existing in the market. Dr. Alvetro believes that the most efficient and cost-effective technique is to fabricate indirect bonding trays in-house with 3D printing. Many doctors want to take this step but are uncertain of the process and what is required.

In her clinic, Dr. Alvetro has bonded over 1,200 cases with the current workflow, which utilizes 3D printers by SprintRay to produce reliable trays in-house. Her experience has enabled her to help other doctors successfully incorporate indirect bonding into their clinical practice. Dr. Alvetro loves to share their experience, tips, and tricks so others can be successful in their digital journey.

Objectives of the webinar:

  • Present the benefits of indirect orthodontic bonding for your practice
  • Introduce a technique for the placement of brackets on a digital model to design a bonding tray
  • Demonstrate how quick and easy it is to print accurate and reliable indirect bonding trays using SprintRay 3D printers

Aired on May 7th

Digital Implantology with Sprintray Pro

by Dr. August de Oliviera, DDS
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Worldwide CAD/CAM lecturer and dental 3D printing expert Dr. August de Oliveira has been 3D printing since the early days of desktop FDM machines. An early adopter of SLA 3D printing technology for dental use, he uses his 3D printers every day to improve his workflow and elevate the patient experience.

In this one-hour online course, Dr. de Oliveira will discuss how he uses 3D printing in his dental office to fabricate surgical guides, implant analog models, and temporary digital hybrids and implant crowns using the Sprintray Pro.

Topics covered in this course:

  • The basics of 3D printing in the dental practice
  • Getting a printable file from an intraoral scanner.
  • Designing a surgical guide and printing it with Sprintray Pro
  • Using free software to design a temporary implant crown
  • Making a digital denture as a temporary prosthesis during implant

Aired on April 29th

El rol de la impresión 3D en conceptos modernos de odontología estética y restauraciones minimamente invasivas.

by Dr. Christian Brenes, DDS, MS
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Profesor asociado en el Departamento de Rehabilitación Oral de la Universidad de Medicina de Carolina del Sur. El Dr. Brenes es un reconocido profesional en la implementación del flujo de trabajo de la odontología digital y uno de los primeros médicos que implementa la impresión 3D asequible en odontología.

Es orador internacional y colaborador de múltiples publicaciones sobre temas como CAD / CAM, cirugía guiada, implantes, biomateriales, fresado, tecnologías de impresión 3D y estética dental.

Temas cubiertos en este curso:

  • La evolución del concepto de diseño de sonrisa
  • Maneras en las que la impresión 3D puede ayudar en situaciones clínicas frecuentes
  • El mock up estético vs el mock up impreso
  • Preservación de la textura en impresión 3D

Aired on April 28th

Implementing 3D Printing Workflows Into Everyday Practice

by Dr. Richard Sullivan, DDS
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When integrating any new technology, it can be difficult to know what to expect. In this webinar, Dr. Richard Sullivan will provide an overview of what to expect when integrating 3D printing in your office. He’ll provide an outline of where to start, how to incorporate team members, and then provide insights into what a full 3D printing workflow looks like in everyday practice.

Featuring an appearance by Dr. Sullivan’s assistant, Andrea DeLoach, RDA, this course will provide a detailed view of what it’s like to live with 3D printing from the perspective of the people who actually use it.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Where to start with 3D printing; what to expect and what not to expect
  • How to incorporate team members into the printing workflow
  • How to go from intraoral scan to printable design
  • Printing-post-processing, and finishing printed models
  • How to move beyond the basics and leverage all the benefits of 3D printing for your practice

Aired on April 24th

Implant and Surgical Workflows (Part 2)

by Dr. Paul Zhivago, DDS
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Dr. Paul Zhivago received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from New York University College of Dentistry where he also completed his education as a prosthodontist. He then trained at Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine as a surgical and implant fellow. He is a board-certified prosthodontist specialized in esthetic, restorative, and implant dentistry.

As a pioneer of in-office digital technologies, particularly in the CAD/CAM and 3D printing space, Dr. Zhivago has built his private practice into an international destination for those seeking esthetic work. In Part 2 this SprintRay Remote Event, Dr. Zhivago will review the technology covered in part 1 and then discuss implant workflows, 3D printed hybrids, and transitional partial devices.

In this class, the following topics will be discussed:

  • A review of the technology information covered in Part 1 of this course
  • Implant workflows for 3D printing surgical guides
  • Transitional partial workflow for implant provisionalization
  • Information and workflows for 3D printing hybrids

Aired on April 23rd

3D Printing Occlusal Guards

by Dr. Michael Scherer
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Interested in learning about one of the easiest and most profitable digital dentistry procedures? Tune in to learn about 3D printing occlusal guards on your SprintRay Pro 3D printer using Sprintray Splint and Keyprint Soft resins!

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand digital techniques for occlusal guards
  • Review material and printer options for 3D printing occlusal devices
  • Recognize when and where to utilize 3D printing techniques properly

Aired on April 17th

3D Printing From Intraoral Scan to Full-mouth Rehab (Part 1)

by Dr. Paul Zhivago, DDS
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Dr. Paul Zhivago received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from New York University College of Dentistry where he also completed his education as a prosthodontist. He then trained at Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine as a surgical and implant fellow. He is a board-certified prosthodontist specialized in esthetic, restorative, and implant dentistry.

As a pioneer of in-office digital technologies, particularly in the CAD/CAM and 3D printing space, Dr. Zhivago has built his private practice into an international destination for those seeking esthetic work. In this SprintRay Remote Event, he'll discuss the integration of 3D printing in his office and how he has leveraged it through several real-world case studies.

In this class, you will learn the following:

  • How intraoral and CBCT scanning works and why they're important
  • An overview of the current 3D printing technologies in dentistry and how to choose the correct one for your needs
  • A survey of 3D printing materials currently available
  • Presentation of several cases performed with the help of 3D printing
  • A general veneer workflow case study
  • Complex veneer workflow with esthetic reduction guide
  • Full mouth rehabilitation including temps and shells

Aired on April 16th

Navigating COVID-19: A Roundtable Discussion for Clinics

Dr. Lawrence Fung, DDS, Silicon Beach Dental
Dr. Thomas Giacobbi, DDS, Dentaltown Editorial Director
Prentice Parr Jr., Wealth Management Advisor, Merrill Lynch
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The COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on our daily lives is far-reaching. Join Dr.Lawrence Fung of Silicon Beach Dental, Dr. Tom Giacobbi of Dentaltown, and Prentice Parr, Wealth Management Advisor Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated, for a round table discussion about the many resources and guidance available to help dentists navigate this unprecedented time for their practices, staff, and patients.

Join us as they discuss the following topics:

  • Available options and possible strategies for clinics that need loan funding
  • How to maintain a positive work culture and offer financial options to your team
  • The overall changes, including but not limited to new safety precautions, that may become the 'new normal'
  • Factors that should be considered when reopening communications with your patients

Aired on April 14th

Technology-Enabled TMD Management: Simple, Predictable, and Profitable

by Dr. Brandon Owen, DDS
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The first-ever winner of the AAO Ortho Innovator award, Dr. Brandon Owen has been making waves in digital dentistry with 9 granted patents and over 20 pending. As the first dentist in North America to do digital indirect bonding and the first to do CAD/CAM 3D printed nightguards, Dr. Owen is an industry leader in digital dentistry.

In this course, Dr. Brandon Owen will discuss using his patented methodology for using 3D printed splints to treat TMD/TMJ . He will outline the fundamentals of managing TMD and discuss the role of digital technologies in treatment planning and delivery.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to diagnose and manage TMD using SprintRay Pro and KeySplint Soft
  • Understand why 3D printing with KeySplint Soft is better for you and your patients
  • Explore a new splint design that will allow excellent outcomes in a fraction of the time

Aired on April 10th

Design, Fabricate, and Characterize Esthetic 3D Printed Dentures

Darin Throndson, President of Innovative Dental Technologies and Dr. Yaron Gabel, DDS, Clinical Advisor to DENTCA
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3D printing provides an extremely cost-effective, rapid manufacturing method for dentures. However, there is still some confusion on how to effectively design and manufacture these dentures while still retaining high esthetics with simple laboratory flows.

Designing, manufacturing & characterizing a denture is a complex process and it is important to understand the nuances and best practices that should be applied. Darin Throndson, President of Innovative Dental Technologies as well as Dr. Yaron Gabel, DDS, Clinical Advisor to Dentca, will provide insights into how to successfully design, manufacture & characterize 3D printed dentures. All are welcome to attend this course, though it will be primarily be geared towards CDTs. Be on the lookout for a future webinar directed at clinicians featuring Dentca products.

In this class, you will learn the following:

  • Best practices for scanning and repairing scan files using
  • RayWare Designing dentures with a simple and predictable method
  • Efficient & easy printing and post-processing for try in and final dentures
  • Staining soft tissue with 3D printed try-in dentures
  • Characterization of both immediate and final dentures

Aired on April 7th

Impact of 3D Printing on Interdisciplinary Treatment Execution

Gonzalo Blasi, DDS - Alvaro Blasi, DDS - Ignacio Blasi, DDS, PhD, MS
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Treating adult patients with high esthetic expectations can be challenging. This course will review how to properly sequence treatment to avoid miscommunication between specialists and properly set expectations for concomitant extended treatment duration. The course will also outline how to use digital planning and restoration design before treatment to optimize final results. It will demonstrate the versatility of the 3D printer across different dental specialties and situations.

In this class, you will learn the following:

  • Strategies to communicate efficiently with your team of specialists to create the ideal treatment sequence
  • How to choose which 3D printing dental design will be used for each clinical situation
  • How to leverage digital technologies, specifically 3D printing, in interdisciplinary treatments
  • Ways in which a 3D printer can help you execute your digital workflow

Aired on April 1st

3D Printing Applied to Help Fight COVID-19:
The MUSC Project

by Dr. Wally Renne, DMD and Dr. Christian Brenes DDS MS
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In this webinar, Dr. Wally Renne and Dr. Christian Brenes will provide an overview of the Medical University of South Carolina’s project to use 3D printing to investigate solutions for COVID-19. They’ll provide a summary of how the virus is impacting dentistry, and then share details about their research project involving printable DIY masks. There will be a short presentation followed by an interview and Q&A.

In this webinar, the following topics will be covered:

  • How Covid-19 is impacting the practice of dentistry
  • Precautions and types of filters that should be considered in dentistry
  • Current research into 3D printed DIY masks for your practice and healthcare facilities
  • Relevant 3D printing technologies, materials, and methods
  • The paths to coronavirus inactivation

Aired on March 31st

The Digital Approach to Full-Arch Guided Surgery and Prostheses

by Dr. Daniel Domingue, DDS
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To optimally perform implant dentistry in full-arch cases, it's important to understand and leverage certain pieces of easy-to-use and accessible technology. With the right technology and training, it can be within your wheelhouse to plan, create, and deliver temp and final prosthesis predictable enough for all your cases!

In this class, you will learn the following:

  • An in-depth look at digital implant dentistry, its benefits, and the tools you need to effectively implement it in your practice
  • A survey of current technology available for implant dentistry and how to choose the right equipment for your practice
  • Tips and workflows for delivering temp and final prostheses with predictable, repeatable results

Aired on March 27th

Digital Orthodontics with SprintRay Pro

by Dr. Rooz Khosravi, DMD
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This course provides attendees with a structured road map for using SprintRay Pro to implement digital orthodontics into their clinics.

In this class, you will learn the following:

  • An in-depth look at digital orthodontics, how it works, and why it's effective
  • What you'll need to implement digital orthodontics in your clinic
  • How to train your team on the skills they’ll need to properly execute digital orthodontics
  • How SprintRay Pro helps you to implement your digital workflow
  • A practical workflow for executing digital orthodontics on a daily basis

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