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Surgical Guides

3D print highly accurate, biocompatible, and FDA compliant guided surgery templates for dental applications

Ensuring that implants are precisely placed improves the surgical experience for both patient and doctor. Receive all the clinical benefits of guided surgery with incredible turnaround times and minimal material cost.

Due to the preciseness of the material, surgical drill sleeves can be inserted immediately post print for increased surgical precision. Additionally the material can be sterilized using standard autoclave protocols without affecting dimensional stability of the guide, making it ideal for surgical implant treatments of all types.

SprintRay’s surgical guide resin is a biocompatible class I material developed specifically for the fabrication of Surgical Guides for dental implant surgery.

  • Print bone-supported, tooth-supported, & mucosa-supported guides
  • Print precise full-arch guides in under 1 hour for about $1.00 each.
  • Global accuracy of a full-arch guide is within ±100 microns over 92 percent of the surfaces, when printed at 50 micron layer thickness.
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Quadrant Surgical Guides

Quadrant surgical guides are ideal for single-site, single-arch, tooth-supported guide creation for the clinical placement of dental implants. Using 3rd party CAD software, surgeons can quickly, easily, and economically fabricate quadrant guides locally in order to meet patient specific needs.

Full-Arch Surgical Guides

Full-arch surgical guides are ideal for multi-site, single/dual arch, tooth, bone and mucosa supported guide creation for the clinical placement of dental implants. Joined with 3rd party CAD software, surgeons can quickly, easily, and economically fabricate full arch guides locally in order to meet patient specific needs while increasing placement efficiency.

Multiply Your Time

End-to-end digital dentistry leads to satisfied patients and more time to do what you love. SprintRay 3D printers use DLP technology to cure the entire build platform layer by layer. This means you can simultaneously print as many copies as you'd like without increasing print time.

Workflow Overview

Using an intra oral scanner and a CBCT, you can use 3rd party software to design and produce implant surgical guides in-office using SprintRay 3D printers. Once the surgical guide is printed, it needs to be washed and post-processed before use. Place guide sleeves into the printed part and sterilize in an autoclave.
Case presented below is courtesy of Dr. Andrew Hall, DMD and Sicat
  • Data Capturing

    Capture and record a patient’s anatomy using intraoral scanners or other scanned data.

  • Design/Treatment Planning

    Design the surgical guide using dental CAD software.

  • Print & Process

    Prepare 3D models, print them, and post-process according to requirements.

  • Place

    Deliver appliance as recommended.

Compatible 3D Scanners

You can use any scanner type you’d like with SprintRay Software. We accept any .STL formatted scan data. This list of scanners shows many options that our customers often use, but it is not an exclusive list.
  • 3Shape – Desktop & IOS
  • Cerec – IOS
  • iTero – IOS
  • Carestream – IOS
  • 3M – IOS
  • Medit – Desktop & IOS
  • Planmeca – IOS
  • Dental Wings – Desktop & IOS
  • Shining 3D – Desktop & IOS
  • Condor – IOS
  • Heron – IOS
  • Open Technologies – Desktop

Compatible Design Software

SprintRay Software allows you to choose a dental design software that meets your clinical needs. This list shows our recommended options, but our software accepts any design file formatted in .STL, which means you can use whatever you’re most comfortable with.
  • 3Shape
  • BlueSkyBio
  • Exocad
  • Archform
  • Orthoselect
  • Exceed Ortho

Accuracy Information

We're seriously committed to advancing digital dentistry. It's why our printers have a accuracy across a full arch is within ±100 microns over 93 percent of the surfaces, when printed at 50 micron layer thickness. Put simply: your parts will fit. Every time.


SprintRay Surgical Guide

Surgical Guide is a biocompatible, high-strength resin designed specifically for the creation of full-arch and quadrant surgical guides. It can be sterilized in an autoclave without compromising its strength.
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Post Processing Instructions


SprintRay Dental Gray

Dental Gray is a high-contrast, easy-to-use everyday resin. It is ideal for printing models for aligners, removable dies, and wax-up models. It features excellent color distribution, even during long prints.

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Post Processing Instructions
Material Safety Data Sheet

Other Applications

Dental Models

Surgical Guides

Digital Dentures

Clear Aligners

Crown & Bridge

Bonding Trays


Guards & Splints


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