Ceramic 3D printed crowns, chairside

SprintRay is revolutionizing restorative dentistry with a complete solution for 3D printing definitive crowns in your office. The SprintRay Ceramic Crown solution combines three industry-first products: automated AI design, a new class of ceramic dominant resin, and new production hardware.

Introducing a smarter way to deliver chairside ceramic crowns.

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What’s Included

Ceramic Crown Resin

A breakthrough ceramic dominant resin comprised of over 50% ceramic. FDA cleared for definitive full crowns, partial crowns, and veneers. Ceramic Crown resin is exclusively compatible with Pro S 3D Printers.

Crown Kit Hardware

A redesigned tank and build platform allow you to print a single unit crown in 10 minutes while reducing resin waste. Designed for Pro S.

AI Crown Design

Powered by artificial intelligence, available 24/7 and delivered in minutes. Upload prep scans, approve the treatment plan, and print. It’s that simple.

A Definitive Solution for Under $20k

SprintRay brings cost-effective chairside ceramic crowns to your office

With a capital investment 10x less than many popular milling solutions, investing in the SprintRay crown solution is as smart as the AI that automates it. Improve your ROI with ceramic dominant materials that are FDA cleared for definitive restorations.

$7 Unit Cost

Deliver outstanding value without sacrificing quality.

45 Minute Delivery

Increase case acceptance by offering same-day delivery thanks to AI design and the Pro S Crown Kit.

Proven Materials

Experience a new class of ceramic dominant resin designed for 3D printed definitive restorations. Ceramic Crown resin is exclusively compatible with Pro S 3D Printers.

Ceramic Crown

Introducing a whole new category of materials

Discover a new class of restorative resin unlike any other. Composed of over 50% ceramics and developed for seamless fabrication, Ceramic Crown isn’t just another hybrid - it’s ceramic dominant. Designed as an essential part of the SprintRay crown solution, this material is FDA cleared for definitive full crowns, partial crowns, and veneers. Ceramic Crown resin is exclusively compatible with Pro S 3D Printers.

Available Shades: A1, A2, A3, B1. B3, C2, D3 and Bleach coming soon.

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Why Ceramic Crown?

• Ceramic dominant formulation for strength, reliability, and aesthetics

• 3D print a definitive crown in as little as 10 minutes

• Part of a complete chairside restorative 3D printing ecosystem from SprintRay

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The 45-Minute Crown Workflow

Posterior crowns in less than an hour

1. Scan

Use any scanner to capture the post-prep anatomy of your patient. SprintRay has partnerships with major scanner brands, but our ecosystem accepts files from any manufacturer.

2. Design

We partnered with 3Shape to bring you the fastest, most reliable AI design on the planet. Upload your scan files and get a posterior crown design in 5 minutes or less.

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3. 3D Print

With the Pro S Crown Kit, you can 3D print ceramic crowns in as little as 10 minutes without sacrificing the anatomical detail or aesthetics of the restoration.
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4. Wash & Cure

Submerge the ceramic crown in a small bowl of IPA, then brush to remove all residue. Dry the part with compressed air and a clean paper towel. Place it in ProCure 2, and select the ‘Ceramic Crown’ curing profile.

5. Wash & Characterize

Submerge the ceramic crown in a small bowl of IPA, then brush to remove all residue. Dry the part with compressed air and a clean paper towel. Ceramic Crown can be characterized and glazed using common glaze kits or polished to the patient’s aesthetic needs with a lab handpiece and a lathe.

6. Delivery

Use an adhesive, followed by a resin-based. cement for luting the crown to the prepped tooth. Sand-blasting the intaglio surface of the crown before using the adhesive is highly recommended

A Masterclass in Definitive Crown Production

Learn from a world leader in dental 3D printing

Dr. Paul Zhivago is a board-certified prosthodontist with experience across the hospital and healthcare industry. He is an international speaker on the topics of CAD/CAM, aesthetic, and implant dentistry. He is the course director of Digital Dentistry at NYU Prosthodontics and the recipient of an implant fellowship focused on advanced restorative and surgical dentistry.

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“SprintRay Ceramic Crown is a viable material for single crowns and should be considered when planning these types of restorations”
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Scientifically Studied, Clinically Proven

Every new innovation must be rigorously tested and scientifically backed, and Ceramic Crown is no exception. It has been studied by renowned institutions worldwide to prove its excellent mechanical properties and efficacy as a definitive restoration.

SprintRay Ceramic Crown has undergone the following studies:

• Breaking Load and Abrasion Resistance: 10-year Chewing Simulation
• Abrasion and Surface Roughness: 5-year Toothbrushing Simulation
• Bonding Strength with Luting Composite

Fast Meets Faster

Introducing the SprintRay Crown Kit for Pro S

Premium restorations require the industry’s best hardware. The SprintRay Crown Kit is a revelation in speed, allowing the Pro S 3D printer to produce a single unit crown in just 10 minutes. The best part? It’s more accurate than any milling solution.
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Trusted AI Design

SprintRay Cloud Design powered by artificial intelligence

Automated, reliable AI delivers accurate, repeatable crown designs. Every step is designed for ease of use, making it simple to learn and easy to teach. Submit design, receive crown. It’s that simple.
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The Full SprintRay Workflow

The SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem is the digital workflow that works for you. Whether you’re printing one night guard or thirty models for aligner production, you’ll rapidly see the difference it makes on your patients and practice.


Leverage powerful artificial intelligence or expert designers to go from scan to printable file with Cloud Design.

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3D Print

SprintRay Pro S sets the gold standard for usability, speed, and versatility in clinical 3D printing.

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Pro Wash/Dry collapses three workflow steps into a single button press, simplifying the cleaning process.

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Post Cure

ProCure 2 is the fastest, most advanced post curing system on the planet. Post cure in just a few minutes.

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