The Digital Dentistry Future: SprintRay is in Forbes!

In News by SprintRay Web Team

The digital dentistry future is bright. This article about SprintRay appeared back in April, packed with fascinating statistics about digital dentistry. Busy as we were with our rebranding, we wanted to make sure it was highlighted now. It’s good to be reminded that, while digital dentistry already seems like a huge industry, it’s poised to keep growing at a huge rate. The Forbes article articulates this well:

In the SmarTech infographic, they show that 88 percent of dental 3D printers are used in dental labs, but only 12 percent in dentist offices. In less than 10 years, in 2027, those numbers will shift significantly with 54 percent of dental printers being used in dental offices and only 46 percent in dental labs.

This is a trend that we’re really excited about at SprintRay. Bringing the technology of 3D printing into dental clinics represents a real opportunity to improve the lives of regular people, which is what we’re all about. Take the jump to read the original article from Forbes, or for more great information on the future of digital dentistry, check out our recent podcast appearance.