Dental Models

Rapidly 3D print dental models for every use - from aligner production to fit check and diagnostic waxup.

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With SprintRay 3D printing, you can rapidly print accurate dental models in minutes. Print up to 8 flat full-arch models at once for batch aligner production or print 2 arches in 15 mins with Arch Kit.

Going from a scan to printable model is easy, thanks to SprintRay integrations with popular scanner brands. Send your scans straight from your scanner software, then use RayWare Cloud to make them printable.

Fit and Finish

3D printing models is extremely cost-effective, so there's no barrier to providing beautiful visual aids and study models.
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Supa-Fast Prints

SprintRay makes printing fast and easy, so you'll never wait long for an accurate, aesthetic model.
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SprintRay models resins are biocompatible, so you don't have to worry about cross contamination.
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Integrated Dental Model Workflow

Send patient data directly from your scanner software then 3D print a model in minutes - no design required



Take upper and lower scans with bite relation, then send them to SprintRay with a single click.

One-click Scanner Integration


Automatic model creation

RayWare Cloud automatically turns your scans into printable dental models. You can submit a design request through Cloud Design if you need a specific type of model.

Enabled by AI Automations

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3D print and process

Print your dental models in as little as 15 minutes, then use SprintRay wash and curing devices for one-touch post processing.

End-to-end Printing Workflow

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Ready to use

Your dental models are now ready for use. Due to their outstanding accuracy, they work great for fit checks, aligner production, or simple waxups.


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Melissa Shotell

Watch the Clear Aligner Masterclass

Dr. Melissa Shotell demonstrates the workflow for producing clear aligners
In this masterclass, Dr. Melissa Shotell walks you through the workflow for using dental models to produce clear aligners in your office, saving time and money. She discusses every step, from the initial scan to thermoforming and trimming the final appliances.
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Dental Model

Fast, accurate dental models with exceptional aesthetics

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SprintRay Dental Model is a biocompatible model material that's designed for precision, speed, and aesthetics. Because dental models are used so frequently in the production workflow, the Biomaterial Innovation lab designed it to be extremely versatile, with incredible surface finish and aesthetics without sacrificing speed.

Dental Model features an incredible 99.6% accuracy and outstanding dimensional stability. It is odorless and features improved colors and pigment distribution for flawless aesthetics.





99.6% Full Arch Accuracy

Improved Mechanical Properties

Available in 2 Shades
Stone and Slate

20% Faster Print Speeds

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Resistance to Breakage

Dental Model - 90 MPa
Standard Resins - 70 MPa


Preventing Distortion

Dental Model - 2800 MPa
Standard Resins - 1940 MPa

Effortless Model Production

With SprintRay, there's no more need to pour messy stone models. Quickly scan and print highly-precise models in minutes.
SprintRay Cloud Design

Versatile Dental Model Design


Dental models are incredibly versatile and used in the production of myriad other appliances. With Cloud Design, it's easy to get a
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Models for Aligner Production


Models for Bleaching Tray Production


Models for Fit Check


Smile Design


Digital Bracket Removal

AI Design

Revolutionary SprintRay AI systems automatically create a design based on your scans, accommodating a wide variety of patient needs - no CAD required.

5 min design

Submit patient scans and get a printable design in just 5 minutes with our proprietary AI system

Upper or lower

Enjoy more flexibility than ever with upper and lower guard designs available

Bite agnostic

Our AI system can design for closed or open bite scans to match your patient’s needs

Fast, Human Design

Let our expert designers handle the CAD. We'll provide a custom appliance to match the needs of your patient perfectly.

24 hr turnaround

Submit scans and instructions, then let our designers create a custom night guard

Tailored care

Our design team can handle any request - from serious bruxers to patients with missing teeth

Bespoke service

Communicate with your designer and revise the design until everything is just right

Print Confidently with SprintRay

Validated at every step from resin formulation to post curing
SprintRay products are carefully designed and engineered to work together, creating simple workflows that anyone in your office can easily learn. From print job handoff to clear on-screen instructions, our goal is to help you deliver superior care while simplifying your workflow.
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The SprintRay Biomaterial Innovation Lab exists on the cutting edge of dentistry and 3D printing. Our materials are biocompatible, long lasting, and lead the industry in mechanical properties.
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Cutting-edge 3D printing technology put SprintRay on the map, and we continue to push the boundaries of speed and materials. Print most appliances in under an hour with incredible accuracy.
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Our washing systems are designed to deliver two cleaning stages for maximum resin removal. Once the parts are clean, we run a dedicated drying fan to pull in clean air and remove IPA from the surface.
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Post Cure

The unsung hero of the 3D printing workflow, our curing devices use high-intensity light and heat to finalize all polymerization and create parts that are as strong as they are aesthetic.
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