Workflow Training Center

We believe that a well-trained user base is a powerful user base. In the interest of promoting and improving dental 3D printing, we’re proud to offer this pre-recorded training. Watch to familiarize yourself with dental 3D printing, show it to your staff, and be sure to write down your questions for the live Q&A session.

New User Orientation

Welcome to the SprintRay family! This sequence of videos is designed to get you up and running, from unboxing to completing your first print.

Protect a Smile Training

Instructional videos for using SprintRay Dashboard 2.0 to order occlusal guard designs.


A selection of videos to help you and your staff become 3D printing experts.


Congratulations on your new SprintRay Pro! Here's how to get your new printer set up.

Dashboard Registration

Unboxing and Setup 

Connecting Your Printer to Wi-Fi

Connect to Dashboard

Connecting Your Printer to Hotspot

Unboxing and Installing ProCure 2


RayWare allows you to communicate and control your printer. These videos guide you through the essentials.

Importing STL Files

Deleting Files from Virtual Build Platform

Setting Up and Sending to Print

Fixing Scans and Support Structures

Software Installation

PC Firewall Setting

Plane Cut 

Exporting STL Files

Basing and Closing Scans


Every digital workflow starts with a good, clean intraoral scan.

Export STL from TRIOS


Proper mixing, storage, filtration, and disposal of resin is essential to getting consistent, repeatable results with your 3D printer.

Mixing Resin

Proper Storage and Filtering of Resin

Proper Disposal of Resin

Proper Resin Handling


Learn the basics of printing on your Pro from preparation to print removal.

Prepare for Print

Selecting Layer Thickness

Resin Tank Heating

Print from USB

Queueing Prints

Print Removal

Post Processing

This critical step is simplified with SprintRay Pro Cure and Pro Wash/Dry, allowing you to rapidly wash, dry, and cure your parts.

Operating Your Pro Cure

Unboxing and Set-up of Your Pro Wash/Dry

Operating Pro Wash/Dry

Cleaning Pro Wash/Dry

Changing the Pro Wash/Dry Filter

Updating your Pro Wash/Dry Firmware

Washing OnX Post-print

OnX Characterization

Maintenance and Care

Proper cleaning and maintenance will help ensure smooth operation from your Pro for years to come.

Cleaning the Optical Window

Cleaning Your Build Platform

Cleaning Your Resin Tank


Something not quite right? Some of the most common troubleshooting procedures are covered in these videos.

Verifying Optical Window Conditions

Fitment Calibration

Dimensional Accuracy Calibration

Disposal of Failed Prints

Why Prints Fail

Troubleshooting After Print Failure


Proper understanding of workflow requirements helps you get the most out of your investment in 3D printing.

Fabrication OnX Provisionals

Preparing Night Guards for Print with Keysplint Soft

Bego VarseoSmile Crown Plus Workflow

Clear Aligner Workflows

Proper understanding of the clear aligner workflow helps you get the most out of your investment in 3D printing.

Aligner fabrication with the Drufomat Scan

Preparing STL files for model printing

Preparing models for vacuum thermoforming

Post Processing Clear Aligners

Order Anticipation

How to prepare for your Pro.

Required consumables and included accessories

Printer Placement

Remote Events

Watch On-Demand Webinars


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