3d printed orthodontic appliance

3D Printing Indirect Bonding Trays

Fabricate flexible orthodontic appliances for speedy bracket placement.

Shorten the length of bracket placement appointments, decreasing chair time and increasing patient satisfaction. Ensure that orthodontic brackets are precisely placed in their planned location.

These flexible orthodontic appliances enable an orthodontist to load an entire arch of brackets into the tray, then quickly transfer those brackets onto the patient’s teeth. The transparency of the appliance allows the clinician to use a curing light to cement the entire arch of brackets simultaneously.

  • Print up to 4 full-arch bonding trays in less than 1 hour with SprintRay 3D printers, at a cost of less than $6.00 each.
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3d printing in orthodontics

Reliable and Accurate Placement of Brackets

Indirect bonding trays allow for the speedy placement of a full-arch of brackets simultaneously. The pre-printed apparatus also means that each bracket gets placed exactly where it should be, removing the guesswork.

Workflow Overview

Using an intraoral scanner and a CBCT, you can use 3rd party software to design and produce indirect bonding trays in-office using SprintRay 3D printers. When printing, ensure that the intaglio side of the bonding tray is face-up so that no supports generate in difficult-to-reach places, obstructing the placement of the trays.

Images are courtesy of OrthoSelect
3d scanning dentition patient
  • Data Capturing

    Capture and record a patient’s anatomy.

cad/cam 3d software
  • Design/Treatment Planning

    Design the appliance using dental CAD software.

3d printing software
  • Print & Process

    Prepare 3D models, print them, and post-process according to requirements.

placing 3d printed indirect bonding tray
  • Place

    Deliver appliance as recommended.

Compatible 3D Scanners

You can use any scanner type you’d like with SprintRay Software. We accept any .STL formatted scan data. This list of scanners shows many options that our customers often use, but it is not an exclusive list.
  • 3Shape – Desktop & IOS
  • Cerec – IOS
  • iTero – IOS
  • Carestream – IOS
  • 3M – IOS
  • Medit – Desktop & IOS
  • Planmeca – IOS
  • Dental Wings – Desktop & IOS
  • Shining 3D – Desktop & IOS
  • Condor – IOS
  • Heron – IOS
  • Open Technologies – Desktop

Compatible Design Software

SprintRay Software allows you to choose a dental design software that meets your clinical needs. This list shows our recommended options, but our software accepts any design file formatted in .STL, which means you can use whatever you’re most comfortable with.
  • 3Shape
  • BlueSkyBio
  • Exocad
  • Archform
  • Orthoselect
  • Exceed Ortho

Accuracy Information

We're seriously committed to advancing digital dentistry. It's why our printers have a global accuracy across a full arch within ±100 microns over 93 percent of the surfaces when printed at 50 micron layer thickness. Put simply: your parts will fit. Every time.


SprintRay Dental Model

Dental Model Resin shows all the minutiae of detail due to its color. It is a highly accurate resin that is created specifically for use as a visual aid and is perfect for dental modeling.
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Post Processing Instructions
Material Safety Data Sheet

NextDent Ortho IBT

NextDent Indirect Bonding Tray Resin is a biocompatible class I material that is clear and flexible. These characteristics make it perfect for the batch placement of brackets.
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Post Processing Instructions
Material Safety Data Sheet

Other Applications

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Guards & Splints


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