Dentistry for
the 21st Century

3D printers for dentistry

Dentistry for
the 21st Century

The New Digital Revolution

The adoption of 3D printing in dentistry is amplifying the usefulness of existing digital technologies, particularly scanners and CAD/CAM treatment-planning software. Dental clinics can now print models and functional parts for treatment in-office - typically in less than an hour. In-office 3D printing can offer immediate benefits, including rapid ROI, improved patient experience, and workflow control.

SprintRay in Your Office

We empower dental professionals to participate in the 3D printing revolution. Our printing ecosystems are user-friendly, reliable, and represent outstanding value for money. With complimentary lifetime phone support for all of our products, choosing SprintRay is the beginning of a lifelong partnership.

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Revolutionize Your Workflow

Produce functional dental parts for all kinds of treatment, in-office.

Surgical Guides

Offer guided surgery to patients at a fraction of the time and cost. With SprintRay 3D printers, surgical guides can be printed in under an hour using our biocompatible surgical guide resin.

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Dental Models

Print accurate dental models for vacuum forming and wax ups. In-office printing of precise models with removable dies makes it simple to test the fit of dental appliances.

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Digital Dentures

Digital dentistry has come to dentures. Our printers can fabricate all types of dentures including try-ins, fixed, and removable, with biocompatible denture base resin.

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Clear Aligners

Offering clear aligners in-office allows you to give patients the treatment they want at a price they can afford. This application also allows you to maintain your margins without compromising in quality.

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Indirect Bonding Trays

Easily print indirect bonding trays with SprintRay 3D printers to place all brackets at once, saving chair time and vastly improving patient experience.

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Creating custom night guards with our biocompatible resin is fast and easy. SprintRay's high-resolution 3D printers allows you to get a precise fit every time.

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Crowns and Bridges

Offer patients high-strength 3D printed provisional crowns and bridges that blend seamlessly with existing teeth. Easily finish, stain, and polish.

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SprintRay Doctors

Learn how 3D printing is helping real clinics deliver superior results.

Dr. Chethan Chetty DDS
In this interview, Dr. Chetty discusses how 3D printing revitalized his workflow and has helped him recapture the excitement of his work.

Dr. Steven Shao DDS
In this interview, Dr. Shao shares how 3D printing has impacted the daily routines in his practice and his excitement for the future of this technology.


Introduce Digital Dentistry to Your Practice.

SprintRay products come with everything you need to bring your dental practice into the world of modern digital dentistry. Our product and customer support ecosystem are ready for you. 

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