SprintRay's Oral History

Digital Dentistry with Faraz Abidi

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An Oral History of SprintRay

The world of 3D printing is vast and varied. There are printers for engineers, artists, designers, and all manner of technically-minded people. If you don’t spend time keeping up with the latest industry trends, it’s easy to feel like you’re being left behind. In this podcast, SprintRay’s own Faraz Adibi discusses how our company came into existence through Kickstarter, how we’ve grown from a tiny startup into a full-blown business, and how we decided to build an ecosystem of 3D printing products just for dentists.

If you’re curious about what 3D printing has to offer, how it’s used today, or how SprintRay came to be, then this podcast is a great primer and introduction to the industry. If you’re already a veteran, there’s lots here for you, too: history, technical information about how our printer works, and discussion of the broader trends in digital dentistry as a whole.

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