Night Guards

Deliver night guards the same day with SprintRay 3D Printing

With SprintRay in your office, you can fight the rise in grinding and clenching by delivering more occlusal guards. Go from scan to placement in less than 60 minutes with SprintRay 3D printing.

Best of all? You’ll pay less than $35 all-in per guard when you design with SprintRay, making this treatment more affordable, repeatable, and profitable than ever.

Available in US, Canada and Europe.

$5 Per Guard

Improve accessibility, delivering more guards to the millions of patients affected by grinding and clenching.

Proven Materials

NightGuard Flex is designed for comfort and engineered for durability. Clinically proven to last.

Deliver in 60 Minutes

Increase case acceptance for this simple but effective treatment by offering delivery today - not next month.

$35 Total Cost

Improve access to this simple but effective treatment and grow your practice.

60 Minutes from Scan to Delivery

Drastically improve case acceptance with fast delivery

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Capture a digital impression of your patient using any intraoral scanner. Upper, lower, and bite scans are recommended.



Leverage the power of AI in SprintRay Cloud Design. Upload your files and our proprietary algorithm designs a night guard in just a few minutes.

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Fabricate your new design, wash and post cure. Quickly post-process with a lab handpiece and warm the guard for easy heat-set delivery.

NightGuard Flex

Resin that launched the next generation of workflows

NightGuard Flex is an achievement of design and engineering. Born from countless conversations with our users, this material becomes slightly flexible when warmed but remains durable for many years.

Night guards made with Flex are easy to deliver, comfortable to wear, and are long lasting – making them a favorite for clinicians and patients alike.

Impact Strength


118 J/m


46 J/m

Full-Arch Print Time


44 Minutes


92 Minutes

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NightGuard Firm

The gold standard in rigid bite appliances

NightGuard Firm provides the ultimate protection for heavy bruxers and clenchers. Featuring outstanding strength and durability, Firm is the strongest, most aesthetic 3D printed occlusal guard material. Night Guards made with Firm are long lasting and aesthetic, designed for heavy bruxers and clenchers or clinicians who prefer rigid appliances.

Flexural Strength


119 MPa


60 MPa

Flexural Modulus


2452 MPa


1510 MPa

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Great for Patients and Practice

Improve access to this simple but powerful treatment

Millions of patients could benefit form having a night guard. A rise in clenching and grinding over the last few years have left many patients with sore jaws and deteriorated dentition. For less than $35 all-in for a single guard, you can offer them to more patients more often.

The humble night guard can bring relief to millions, helping patients while building your practice with incremental revenue. Improve case acceptance by offering to deliver today (or tomorrow) – not next month.

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Rapid Delivery. Incredible Savings.

Calculate Your Night Guard ROI


Profit & Cost with Sprintray:

Annual Profit with 3D Printing $105,804.00

Monthly Profit with 3D Printing $8,817.00

Cost Per 3D Printed Appliance $30

Monthly Equipment Cost* $583

*Cost based on total equipment sale financed for 24 months at 0% APR.

Annual Profit with 3D Printing


By Taking advantage of SprintRay 3D printing, you could net
$105,804.00 in your first year!

3D Printing vs Outsourcing

Annual Savings


By outsourcing production, producing of Occlusal Guards per year
would cost you $36,000.00. 3D printing those
parts with SprintRay would only cost you

Monthly Production Cost

Time Savings

477Weeks, 1 days

With SprintRay 3D printing, you could save your patients 477Weeks,
1 days
of wait time between appointments in your first year.

Reduced Delivery Time

A Masterclass in Night Guard Production

Learn from a world leader in dental 3D printing

Dr. Tim Anderson operates a high-tech clinic in North Dakota, where he uses digital tools to improve his workflow. In this Masterclass, he will take you through the entire workflow for same-visit night guards, from scanning to planning to 3D printing, providing tips and tricks along the way.

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NightGuard Flex and Firm

Longevity Clinical Study by Tufts University

Featuring class-leading strength, NightGuard Firm possesses high-strength formulation and can take dropping, biting, and grinding in stride. It has been formulated to look good and feel good, is easy to clean, and resists yellowing better than other competitor materials on the market.

Over the past few years, night guards have gained a central role in Dentistry. The rising stress levels of modern life have made patients extremely vulnerable to bruxism and TMD. Many are smiling through gritted teeth, and the need for customized occlusal guards is increasing. 3D-printed occlusal guards provide patients with an affordable means to protect their health and wellbeing.

Flexibility is a crucial component of strength. SprintRay NightGuard Flex helps clinicians leverage 3D printing to personalize workflows and better serve patients. It provides a quick, accurate, and economical solution to a rapidly-growing problem and, in the process, ensures that patients do not risk the long-term impacts of grinding or OTC night guards.

The Full SprintRay Workflow

The SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem is the digital workflow that works for you. Whether you're printing one night guard or thirty models for aligner production, you'll rapidly see the difference it makes on your patients and practice.


Leverage powerful artificial intelligence or expert designers to go from scan to printable file with Cloud Design.

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3D Print

SprintRay Pro S sets the gold standard for usability, speed, and versatility in clinical 3D printing.

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ProWash/Dry collapses three workflow steps into a single button press, drastically simplifying the cleaning process.

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Post Cure

ProCure 2 is the fastest, most advanced post curing system on the planet. Post cure in just a few minutes.

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