3D Printing Dental Crowns and Bridges

Fabricate beautiful crowns with incredible detail.

Beautiful crowns that are indiscernible from existing teeth, designed and fabricated in-office, mean that you can reduce costs and save time while giving your patients exactly what they want. Possessing high strength and resistance to wear, the superb balance of opacity and translucency makes our 3D printed crowns photo-realistic.

Classified as a class IIa micro filled hybrid material developed specifically for the production of high-quality dental crowns and bridges, this 3D printed material can be easily customized to match patient-specific characteristics, offering the ability to be stained and polished as desired.

  • Print up to 70 crowns with incredible detail in about 1 hour for an estimated $0.60 cents each in total materials cost.
  • Production capabilities include single crown, multi-unit bridges, and complete monolithic interim dentures.
  • Available in shades of BL, N1, N1.5, N2, N2.5, N3, & T1.
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Hybrid Denture Production

The production of high quality and extremely functional hybrid dentures is achievable with this class IIa micro filled hybrid material when fused with patient specific 3D printed or milled denture bases. The balance between inorganic fillers and the resin gives this material its high strength and wear resistance.

Additionally, the material is easy to finish and polish, and can be stained with all types of composite staining kits, offering a first-of-its-kind deliverable solution that meets function, quality, economics and production time-management requirements. It offers a perfect smile every time.

Workflow Overview

Crown & Bridge Micro Filled Hybrid Resin is a highly accurate biocompatible class IIa material specifically formulated for the creation of high-quality dental crowns and bridges. Production capabilities include single crown, multi-unit bridges, and complete monolithic interim dentures when appropriately characterized with approved denture stain kits.
  • Data Capturing

    First capture and record a patient’s anatomy.

  • Design/Treatment Planning

    Design the appliance using dental CAD software.

  • Print & Process

    Prepare 3D models, print them, and post-process according to requirements.

  • Place

    Deliver the appliance as recommended.

Compatible 3D Scanners

You can use any scanner type you’d like with SprintRay Software. We accept any .STL formatted scan data. This list of scanners shows many options that our customers often use, but it is not an exclusive list.
  • 3Shape – Desktop & IOS
  • Cerec – IOS
  • iTero – IOS
  • Carestream – IOS
  • 3M – IOS
  • Medit – Desktop & IOS
  • Planmeca – IOS
  • Dental Wings – Desktop & IOS
  • Shining 3D – Desktop & IOS
  • Condor – IOS
  • Heron – IOS
  • Open Technologies – Desktop

Compatible Design Software

SprintRay Software allows you to choose a dental design software that meets your clinical needs. This list shows our recommended options, but our software accepts any design file formatted in .STL, which means you can use whatever you’re most comfortable with.
  • 3Shape
  • BlueSkyBio
  • Exocad
  • Archform
  • Orthoselect
  • Exceed Ortho

Accuracy Information

We're seriously committed to advancing digital dentistry. It's why our printers have a global accuracy across a full arch within ±100 microns over 93 percent of the surfaces when printed at 50 micron layer thickness. Put simply: your parts will fit. Every time.


SprintRay Dental Gray

Dental Gray is a high-contrast, easy-to-use everyday resin. It is ideal for printing models for aligners, removable dies, and wax-up models. It features excellent color distribution, even during long prints.
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Post Processing Instructions
Material Safety Data Sheet

NextDent C&B

NextDent Crown and Bridge Resin is a class IIa material designed specifically for the creation of dental crowns and bridges. It offers high wear resistance and can be stained and polished.
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Post Processing Instructions
Material Safety Data Sheet

Other Applications

Dental Models

Surgical Guides

Digital Dentures

Clear Aligners

Crown & Bridge

Bonding Trays


Guards & Splints


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