Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Experience the precision, aesthetics, and durability of 3D printed hybrids

Embrace a new era in modern dentistry with fixed hybrid dentures 3D printed in your office. Partner with SprintRay to design and deliver these valuable prosthetics, providing an outstanding patient experience.

Featuring outstanding precision, aesthetics, and durability, fixed hybrid dentures delivered with OnX Tough 2 help your patients smile confidently.

Unlock the Potential of Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Unprecedented Precision

3D printing enables highly complex geometry for screw channels that are perfectly aligned for passive fit

Lifelike Aesthetics

Proprietary materials feature outstanding shade stability and aesthetic precision for natural-looking restorations

Long Lasting Strength

With industry-leading work of fracture and fracture toughness, these restorations are strong and built to last

Fixed Hybrid Dentures

3D Printing Workflow from SprintRay

1. Patient Clinical Appointment - Pre-surgical Scan

Capture patient clinical data. Begin with a detailed scan of your patient’s mouth, capturing every nuance.

2. Cloud Design - Order Design and Schedule Appointment

Submit scan data and select your appointment slot. We’ll send you your smile design and preview to approve before the day of surgery.

3. Perform Surgery

Execute the implant surgery confidently, knowing the fixed hybrid denture will be tailored for a perfect fit.

4. Submit Implant Placement Scans

Work with your live designer to submit post-surgical scan data and receive your custom hybrid denture file.

5. 3D Print

Send designs to your SprintRay ecosystem for 3D printing, washing, and post curing.

6. Finish and Deliver

Characterize and finish the fixed hybrid denture by staining and glazing with your favorite tissue characterization light-cured composites.

The First FDA-Cleared 3D Printing Resin for Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Introducing OnX Tough 2

OnX Tough 2 is a groundbreaking dental 3D printing resin that has received FDA clearance for fabricating fixed hybrid dentures. The resin leverages the cutting-edge NanoFusion™ technology, setting a new industry standard by delivering exceptional durability and visual quality. 500g bottles available now in A1, A2, and Bleach. 

  • Enables delivery of lower-cost, same-day fixed hybrid denture
  • Formulated for optical performance and shade stability for natural aesthetics 
  • Easy post processing and characterization


Describes the ability of a dental material containing a crack to resist fracture.


3.38 MPa m1/2


2.37 MPa m1/2


1.4 MPa m1/2

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Fracture toughness values for competition based on published literature. Graphic not intended to imply head-to-head performance

Calculate Your ROI with 3D Printed Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Curious about the return on investment for Fixed Hybrid Dentures in your practice?

Try our [ROI Calculator] to see the benefits for yourself.


Profit & Cost with Sprintray:

Annual Profit with 3D Printing $105,804.00

Monthly Profit with 3D Printing $8,817.00

Cost Per 3D Printed Denture $313

Monthly Equipment Cost* $583

*Cost based on total equipment sale financed for 36 months at 0% APR.

Annual Profit with 3D Printing


By Taking advantage of SprintRay 3D printing, you could net
$105,804.00 in your first year!

3D Printing vs Outsourcing

Annual Savings


By outsourcing production, producing of Occlusal Guards per year
would cost you $36,000.00. 3D printing those
parts with SprintRay would only cost you

Monthly Production Cost

A Masterclass in Hybrid Denture Production

Learn from a world leader in dental 3D printing

Dr. Klaus graduated with honors from Mississippi State University with a BS in Biological Engineering. With additional endodontics and restoration training, Dr. Klaus lectures nationally on digital workflows for full-mouth dental implant rehabilitations.

He is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, International Congress of Oral Implantology, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists, the American Dental Association, and the Mississippi Dental Association.

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The Full SprintRay Workflow

The SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem is the digital workflow that works for you. Whether you’re printing one night guard or thirty models for aligner production, you’ll rapidly see the difference it makes on your patients and practice.


Leverage powerful artificial intelligence or expert designers to go from scan to printable file with Cloud Design.

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SprintRay Pro S sets the gold standard for usability, speed, and versatility in clinical 3D printing.

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ProWash S collapses three workflow steps into a single button press, dramatically simplifying the cleaning process.

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Post Cure

PostCure 2 is the fastest, most advanced post curing system on the planet. Post cure in just a few minutes.

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