About SprintRay

Established 2014
SprintRay is a technology company that designs, manufactures, and supports 3D printers with an emphasis on digital dentistry. Our products empower dentists to provide faster, higher-quality care to their patients.

SprintRay is the only 3D printing company that provides a complete user experience for dentists and digital dentistry, from product to long-term support and education.

SprintRay designs and offers a complete ecosystem of hardware, software, and materials that work in sync to create a seamless user experience. This unique position allows us to focus on helping our customers, particularly dentists, harness 3D printing to improve the lives of their patients.

Our Vision

We believe that 3D printing is a powerful technology that can improve people’s lives. By putting our product into the hands of our customers, we can revolutionize traditional fabrication methods in dentistry and beyond.

We believe that great user experience is what makes complex technology useful and pleasing. By providing this experience, we can facilitate its meaningful adoption into our daily lives.

We believe that innovation requires clear focus and intention. Our products are solutions to specific problems, never a solution in search of a problem.

Our Mission

We strive to make 3D printing technology accessible, easy-to-use, and reliable. Our goal is to deliver the best user experience that the 3D printing world has ever seen.

Our intention is to meaningfully transform digital dentistry and other industries by expanding the real-world applications of desktop 3D printing.

Our Core Values

Customer Support is Our Culture

In an industry dominated by opaque technical jargon, we’ve made it part of our company culture to be translucent. The support structure and product ecosystem that underpins our printers is carefully designed and managed because we know that every customer, vendor, and partner interaction is an opportunity to wow them. We’re always looking for new ways to pleasantly surprise our users on their product journey.

Things of High Quality are Timeless

We think that the look, feel, and quality of everything we do is an important factor in the overall customer journey. Small details can make or break this experience. Every product and member of our team is a SprintRay Ambassador, which means we take meticulous care to make sure that everything we do and make is executed to the highest level of quality.

We are 3D Printing Experts

We’re masters of the printing process because we spend so much of our free time using our products. We print hard-to-find bumper clips for our cars, pencil holders for our desks, and scale models as home decorations. It’s this love of our technology that drives us to deliver solutions that help our customers.

Change is Our DNA

Being on the cutting edge means constantly reevaluating our assumptions to make sure we’re on track. We make decisions based on available information rather than dogma or prior belief, which means we take initiative to change things when we see opportunities for improvement.

Leadership Team

Amir Mansouri, PhD
Co-Founder and CEO
Doctorate of Additive Manufacturing University of Southern California
Jing Zhang, PhD
Doctorate of Additive Manufacturing University of Southern California
Hossein Bassir, MA
Co-Founder, Head of Product Design and Development
Savannah College of Art and Design
John Fernandez, MBA
Director of Sales
Fullerton State University

Technical Advisory Board

Behrokh Khoshnevis, PhD
Founder and CEO at Contour Crafting Co. and Dean's Professor at University of Southern California
Yong Chen, PhD
Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering and Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at University of Southern California
Ehsan Barjesteh, PhD
Assistant Professor at Long Beach State University, Former Material Scientist at Henkel AG
Dr. Baron Grutter, DDS
Digital Dentistry Evangelist and Educator
Dr. August de Oliveira, DDS
Founder at Digital Enamel, Digital Dentistry Evangelist and Educator
Dr. David W. Honey, DMD
Digital Dentistry Evangelist and Educator
Dr. Steven Y. Shao, DMD
Digital Dentistry Evangelist
Dr. Cory Glenn, DDS
Digital Dentistry Evangelist and Educator
Dr. Nathanial Farley, DDS
Digital Dentistry Evangelist and Educator

Advisory Board

Micheal Mann, PhD
CEO at Blue Marble Companies
Erich Kreidler, MBA
Managing Partner at KRE Consultants
Al Plamann
Former CEO at Unified Grocers
Lance Watkins
CEO at Storelocal, Serial Entrepreneur
Glen Ackerman
Serial Entrepreneur
Sid Mohasseb
Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Investor, Former President of Tech Coast Angels
Bill Collins
Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Investor, Former President of Tech Coast Angels
Stanley F. Farrar
Senior Counsel at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Steve Perryman
Entrepreneur, Angel Investor

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