About SprintRay Inc.

Established 2014
SprintRay is a technology company that builds end-to-end 3D printing ecosystems for dental professionals. Because we control the design, manufacturing, and support of our products, SprintRay is uniquely positioned to provide full-stop additive manufacturing solutions that are both cutting-edge and user-friendly.
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Careers at SprintRay

SprintRay was Born From the Dental Community

For us, finding and solving problems is a way of life. Our design and engineering choices are not just informed by the dental community, they are created in service to the community. We build our products so that they solve problems today, while being prepared for tomorrow.

We’re Not Here to Make a Hundred Different Products

We’re here to make a carefully-curated selection of the best manufacturing tools the dental industry has ever seen. Our catalogue isn’t filled with dozens of products in search of solutions. For us to stamp our name on something, it must be carefully considered, targeted, and meticulously designed to meet an existing need.

SprintRay Builds Products for the Next 100 Years of Dentistry

Our 3D printing products are born from the dental community. They are a collaboration between master designers, world-class dental professionals, and superlative engineers who operate in total alignment with a single goal: revolutionize dentistry by bringing affordable, easy, in-office manufacturing to every dental practice in the world.

We Give Physical Form to Digital Technologies

Intraoral scanning, CAD/CAM design, digital design collaboration, virtual waxups, and many more contemporary dental technologies have changed the way dentistry is practiced. These powerful tools have helped clinicians improve care and efficiency the world ov

SprintRay Leadership Team


Amir Mansouri, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO
Amir Mansouri, PhD, is the CEO and Co-founder of SprintRay. Before founding SprintRay, Amir received both a Master’s degree and PhD in the field of additive manufacturing. A unique blend of scientific and entrepreneurial, he pursued a technology commercialization program at USC Marshall School of Business, which led to the co-founding of SprintRay in 2014. Under his direction, SprintRay has grown from a proof-of-concept business plan to a multi-national dental equipment company. Today, Amir is uniquely suited in his responsibility for planning and strategizing SprintRay’s product and commercial development growth.

Jing Zhang, PhD

Co-Founder and CTO
Jing lives and breathes cutting-edge technology. After receiving his Master’s and PhD in the field of additive manufacturing, Jing co-founded SprintRay with Amir. A master of hardware and software, he is responsible for the core technology that continues to drive SprintRay 3D printers to the forefront of the market. With over 100 global patents to his name, Jing understands how to bring experimental technologies to market, as he has done with every new SprintRay product since the company’s inception. Today, he is responsible for ensuring that SprintRay stays on the cutting edge of manufacturing technologies in dentistry.

Hossein Bassir, MA

Co-Founder and Chief Product Architect
Hossein co-founded SprintRay to bring his passion for design and user experience into the world of 3D printing. His vision of creating 3D printing products that were easy to use as well as functional has been codified into the culture at SprintRay. He holds an MA in Industrial Design from the Savanna College of Design and pushes the company every day to further improve the look, feel, and experience of every product. His unique blend of creative vision and technical execution help SprintRay provide the best 3D printing experience in dentistry.

Erich Kreidler 

As SprintRay’s President, Erich is leveraging his two decades of global business and academic experience to strategically grow a powerful, highly-focused organization that is set up for enduring success. Erich is a serial entrepreneur who has launched multiple businesses and helped others launch their own. Calling on his deep expertise in process predictability and process improvement, outsourcing and board management, he specializes in the integration of complex organizations, achieving high impact results by leveraging strategy, people and operations. Erich holds an MBA from the University of California, Irvine and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Kazuo 'Kaz' Takeda

Director of Operations
Kazuo ‘Kaz’ Takeda is leveraging his unique skillset to lead SprintRay’s Customer Service, Logistics & Supply Chain, and Quality Assurance departments to world-class excellence. Kaz is an active member of the Institute of Industrial Systems Engineering National Leadership Committee as Assistant Region Vice President and Chapter Development Fund Committee Chair. With a wide-ranging career that included opening air gateways for UPS and the creation of process standards for Disneyland Resorts, Kaz is using his passion for delivering smiles to help propel SprintRay to new heights of growth.

John Cox

Chief Growth Officer
With a 20-year career in dental technology, including nearly a decade as Vice President of Technology Sales at Henry Schein, the dental industry rarely surprises John Cox. But when he came across SprintRay, he saw the powerful potential for industry disruption in the name of an improved patient experience and clinical efficiency. Now, as SVP of Sales and Marketing, he is working to refine the SprintRay vision, uniting the Sales and Marketing team to produce an outstanding purchasing experience for SprintRay customers across the globe. John keeps one eye firmly in the present and one on the horizon, steering the company toward its next big move.

Arun Subramony

Chief Financial Officer
Arun Subramony is a Venturepreneur, early-stage investor, and has been a Cleantech evangelist for over 15 years where he is recognized as a Social Pioneer and Change Leader in the Knowledge Economy and Renewable Energy industry. Prior to joining SprintRay, he served as Founder Chairman and CEO of Empereal Group, co-founder of August Consulting, and served as Vice President–Strategic Ventures & Alliances of UST Global, where he led Mergers and Acquisition function, and UST’s partnership with PwC and SAP. He also served as Chief Operating Officer at GenShare Ltd., that offered cutting‐edge information technology solutions to Fortune 500 clients.

Ed Cohen

Chief People Officer
Ed Cohen is a veteran of in strategic people services with a 35-year career spanning over 40 countries. Prior to joining SprintRay, Ed was Executive Vice President of Nelson Cohen Global Consulting where he worked with companies around the world to help them assess their cultures and grow them into employers of choice. Ed led talent initiatives across Asia, leading Satyam Computer Services to become the first and only company outside the US to attain the #1 ranking by the Association of Talent Development. Ed has authored two books on leadership and co-authored more than 200 white papers and articles on strategic people leadership and employee engagement strategies.

Clinical and Technical Advisory Board

Behrokh Khoshnevis, PhD
Founder and CEO at Contour Crafting Co. and Dean's Professor at University of Southern California
Yong Chen, PhD
Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering and Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at University of Southern California
Ehsan Barjesteh, PhD
Assistant Professor at Long Beach State University, Former Material Scientist at Henkel AG
Darin Throndson
Innovative Dental Technologies
Digital Dentistry Evangelist and Educator
Dr. Baron Grutter, DDS
Digital Dentistry Evangelist and Educator
Dr. August de Oliveira, DDS
Founder at Digital Enamel, Digital Dentistry Evangelist and Educator
Dr. David W. Honey, DMD
Digital Dentistry Evangelist and Educator
Dr. Steven Y. Shao, DMD
Digital Dentistry Evangelist
Dr. Cory Glenn, DDS
Digital Dentistry Evangelist and Educator
Dr. Nathanial Farley, DDS
Digital Dentistry Evangelist and Educator
Dr. Christian Brenes, Prosthodontist
Assistant professor at Dental College of Georgia, Digital Dentistry Evangelist and Educator
Josh Throndson
Innovative Dental Technologies
Digital Dentistry Evangelist and Educator

Advisory Board and Trustees

Micheal Mann, PhD
CEO at Blue Marble Companies
Al Plamann
Former CEO at Unified Grocers
Lance Watkins
CEO at Storelocal, Serial Entrepreneur
Glen Ackerman
Serial Entrepreneur
Sid Mohasseb
Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Investor, Former President of Tech Coast Angels
Bill Collins
Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Investor, Former President of Tech Coast Angels
Stanley F. Farrar
Senior Counsel at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Steve Perryman
Entrepreneur, Angel Investor

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