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Throughput Meets Precision

Pro 2 is a next-generation dental 3D printer that delivers unprecedented accuracy and throughput. With patent-pending Optical Panel technology and 385 nm UV-A light, Pro 2 is the most advanced 3D printer we've ever built.
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Patent-pending 35 µm Optical Panel technology combined with 385 nm light engine puts Pro 2 at the forefront of 3D printing accuracy.

Meet the Optical Panel


Pro 2 can 3D print 6+ full arch dental models in a single job or use the Arch Kit to print up to 2x faster. Now you're in control of your production workflow.
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Supported workflows
Pro 2 is the ultimate practice supercharger, supporting workflows across myriad specialties - from clear aligner production to hyper-precise hybrid dentures.
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Precision Revolution

The most accurate SprintRay printer of all time
SprintRay Pro 2 is redesigned to be the most accurate 3D printer on the market. From refactored resin profiles to the patent-pending Optical Panel, every decision we make is to improve your outcomes across the 15+ indications our devices serve. With Pro 2, nothing has been left to chance.

Meet the Optical Panel

Night Guards

Polished finish in Flex or Firm

Pro 2 integrates with SprintRay Cloud Design AI to help you deliver more night guards to more patients. With automatic AI design and NightGuard Flex, you can protect more smiles than ever before.

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Improved fit & finish

Clear shade available

Faster print speed


Removable Dentures

Dentures with outstanding translusency
Deliver dentures that fit perfectly with minimal adjustments. Pro 2 and SprintRay Apex Base and Teeth allow you to create custom, aesthetic dentures faster. Print the base and teeth separately, bond them, then cure for a few minutes to create a strong denture with outstanding aesthetics.
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Lifelike translusency

Faster to polish

Fewer supports on occlusion


Surgical Guides

Precise full-arch and quadrant guides
Fabricate super-precise surgical guides on the spot. Whether you’re meeting the needs of multiple practices or need to quickly respond to an emergency case, Pro 2 gives you more options to serve your patients.
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Clean and precise sleeve cuts

Crisp windows and opennings


Hybrid Dentures

Same-day implant dentures with passive fit
Deliver custom implant-supported dentures chairside with Pro 2 and Cloud Design. Featuring OnX Tough 2, the only FDA-cleared resin for fixed hybrid dentures, and an incredible 35um print resolution, you can place with confidence.
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Achieve passive fit

Incredible strength



Dental Models

Models for aligner production, study, and more
Maximize throughput with the standard kit for batch aligner production or rapidly respond to patient needs with the Arch Kit. With natural color and incredible accuracy, Pro 2 delivers unprecedented control.
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Precise fit for dies

Smooth surface finish


Clear Retainers

Directly print retainers without thermoforming
The workflow for creating clear retainers just got simpler. No more printing models, thermoforming, and cutting. With SprintRay Retainer, you can directly print aesthetic, functional clear retainers in a single step - no models required.
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Direct retainer printing

Crytal clear aesthetics

Smooth surface finish


Cemented Restorations

Crown and bridge, veneers, and more
Leverage ceramic-dominant materials to create aesthetic, long-lasting restorations at a fraction of the price. For chairside delivery, use SprintRay AI crown design to receive a design in minutes, then print with the Arch Kit for maximum speed.
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Ceramic dominant strength

Clean and crisp margins


Introducing Optical Panel™ Technology

Pixel Perfect Accuracy

To make Pro 2, we flipped the script on the printing process, placing the patent-pending Optical Panel as close as possible to the resin tank, offering 35 µm resolution and zero distortion - all while retaining a large build area.


35 µm Resolution

Incredible anatomical detail

The Optical Panel has an incredible contrast ratio, providing crisp 35 µm details for anatomical precision.

Onboard Intelligence

High-speed serial connection

Optical Panel includes smart onboard electronics that track usage, health, and communicate calibration data with Pro 2.


Ultra durable stack

Optical Panel is made from ultra-strong Gorilla Glass and machined aluminum for long-lasting performance.

Easy to Replace

Plug and play

Replacing the Optical Panel is easy - just flip open the clips, remove the panel, and slide a new one in its place. Easy.
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Ultra Violet Innovation

385 nm UV-A light unlocks current and future Biomaterial Innovations

The LED that powers Pro 2 emits pure UV-A 385 nm light. This wavelength is ideal for photoinitiator absorption, which helps decrease shrinkage and improve cure depth control while boosting the green state mechanical properties. This leads to stronger, predictably precise final parts, with improved layer accuracy.

385 nm UV-A

Pinpoint Accuracy

385 nm UV-A light offers ideal depth control and photoinitiator absorption, boosting accuracy and mechanical properties.

Water Cooled

Power Overwhelming

The LED in Pro 2 is so powerful, we added liquid cooling and run it below capacity for long-lasting performance.

Future Proof

Ready for Biomaterial Innovation

The new Pro 2 UV-A light engine with Optical Panel will support a new future of biomaterial innovation.


Optical Panel™

Optical Panel is modular and easy to swap. Just flip the clips, remove the panel, and slide in a new one.

Built Tough

Professional grade construction

Pro 2 is constructed from premium materials like corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum and Corning Gorilla Glass, making it easy to clean and maintain for years. Thoughtful touchpoints on the resin tank, build platform, and hood handle make it our most ergonomic printer yet.

Glass + Aluminum

Easy to clean and maintain

Supercharged with Print Kits

Take your practice to the next level of flexibility

Pro 2 comes with the Standard Kit, which has a huge build area perfect for batching and multi-patient production. The available Arch Kit can be installed simply by swapping the platform and resin tank, supercharging print speeds and offering the flexibility of rapid production.



Standard Kit

Designed for accurate batch production
The Standard Kit maximizes print volume, allowing you to fit 6+ flat full-arch dental models. It’s ideal for large production batches or multi-patient printing for all indications.



PATENTED Heating System

Heated Build Platform

Improved control electronics
Standard and Arch Kit feature improved control electronics with onboard heating and better control electronics for better error-proofing.


Rubberized Lid

Resin Tank, Evolved

Stackable sealed cover
Pro 2 resin tanks are built lighter than ever, with larger handles and a rubberized stackable storage lid that seals to help prevent spillage.



Arch Kit

Designed for small batches and restorations
Arch Kit optimizes Pro 2 for speed. It features a smaller anodized aluminum build platform that resists corrosion and a smaller resin tank to preserve material.


Corrosion Resistant

Hard Anodized Aluminum

Resistant to ceramic corrosion
The Arch Kit build platform is anodized, creating an extremely durable surface that won't corrode when exposed to filled and cereamic materials.

Industry First

Resin Conservation

Ideal for restorative applications
The Arch Kit resin tank holds a smaller volume to help reduce the amount of resin required to print, helping to preserve material.

Workflow Control Center

PrintOS is the most advanced print software

PrintOS helps you manage all the ways that SprintRay intersects with your workflow. Sheathed in a Corning Gorilla Glass screen, this 12" touchscreen computer is ready to run your workflow.

Human Centric

Pro 2 is our most user-friendly desktop 3D printer to date. With a large screen and research-driven software, anyone in your office can use it.

Bold New Screen

The 12" ultra-wide touchscreen is sheathed in Corning Gorilla Glass, making it long-lasting and easy to clean.

Powered by Android

PrintOS on Pro 2 brings the benefits of onboard printing software to new heights. Android software underpins advanced networking and cloud capability for a smooth, fast, and reliable experience.

Onboard Intelligence


Pro 2 prevents common print errors by monitoring the resin tank and build platform to detect potential issues before they happen. Its user-friendly design includes improved workflow instructions.

Always Updated

Because Pro 2 is always connected to the cloud, it automatically updates its software and resin profiles. You always get the latest and greatest speed and resin compatibility.

Print from Cloud Drive

Upload your scans to Cloud Drive, then use the touchscreen to print them. Your scan files are automatically closed, based, and oriented, so all you have to do is press 'Print.'

Medical Device Tracking

Pro 2 includes a barcode scanner on the front that can scan SprintRay resin bottles, tracking the lot number and expiration date for easy medical device tracking.

The Total Package

SprintRay doesn't stop with printing. Our ecosystem includes design software and services, printers, and post processing equipment. It all works together to create a singular, streamlined workflow experience.
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The SprintRay Biomaterial Innovation Lab exists on the cutting edge of dentistry and 3D printing. Our materials are biocompatible, long lasting, and lead the industry in mechanical properties.
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Cutting-edge 3D printing technology put SprintRay on the map, and we continue to push the boundaries of speed and materials. Print most appliances in under an hour with incredible accuracy.
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Our washing systems are designed to deliver two cleaning stages for maximum resin removal. Once the parts are clean, we run a dedicated drying fan to pull in clean air and remove IPA from the surface.
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Post Cure

The unsung hero of the 3D printing workflow, our curing devices use high-intensity light and heat to finalize all polymerization and create parts that are as strong as they are aesthetic.
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Don't Settle for Less

SprintRay Pro 2 is the very best that dental 3D printing has to offer. It raises the bar to new heights with leading speed, accuracy, and user-friendliness that spans over 15 indications. There has never been a better time to try 3D printing.
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