Surgical Guide 3 and IDB 2 – Now Available in Canada and Europe

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  • Industry-leading 3D printing resins, Surgical Guide 3 and IDB 2, have now launched in Canada and Europe, joining the growing SprintRay portfolio of single-appointment workflows of end-to-end 3D printing solutions
  • Surgical Guide 3 resin allows in-office fabrication for 3D printed surgical guides of all kinds, including full-arch multi-site implant guides, bone reduction guides, and more
  • IDB 2 resin enables clinicians to fabricate flexible orthodontic bonding trays in-office for speedy bracket placement

Surgical Guide 3

Surgical Guide 3 is the fastest, most durable implant guide material that SprintRay has ever made. With over 100K prints and 90% customer satisfaction, dental professionals can confidently place implants with this biocompatible resin. Improved printing speeds further reduce the time to surgery, improving flexibility and offering a superior patient experience.


The new IDB 2 features outstanding flexibility and accuracy, making indirect bonding procedures more rapid and cost-effective. IDB 2 produces high-quality, high-precision trays that resist tearing better than competitors.

By 3D printing indirect bonding trays, load an entire arch of brackets and quickly transfer them onto the patient’s teeth, eliminating the need for outsourcing and long wait times. The pre-printed method means that each bracket gets placed in its intended location, removing guesswork and improving placement accuracy.

Chemistry for Dentistry 

As digital workflows gain more traction, we continue to be at the cutting edge of the latest in digital dentistry and to bring you the most accurate, precise, and user-friendly innovations.

The launch of Surgical Guide 3 and IDB 2 in Canada and the EU are a case in point, providing new and improved features that make them the perfect addition to any digital dental workflow.

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