Pro S Arch Kit

3D Print Dental Applications Up to 2X Faster with the SprintRay Pro S Arch Kit

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Need 3D printed arches ASAP? The all-new Pro S Arch Kit from SprintRay 3D prints a wide variety of appliances up to 2X faster. 3D print models, night guards, denture bases, denture teeth, surgical guides, and hybrid dentures up to twice as fast and in-office.

The Fastest Time to 3D Printed Arches

The Pro S Arch Kit makes the workflows for the most common dental appliances faster, shortening the time it takes to deliver patient care without compromising quality or accuracy.

Appliance Type SprintRay Standard (Bolt Mode) Print Speed in Minutes SprintRay Arch Kit Print Speed in Minutes
Night Guard 40 (NightGuard Flex) 22 (NightGuard Flex)
Dental Model 25 (Die and Model 2) 13  (Die and Model 2)
Denture Base 85  (High Impact Denture Base) 55 (High Impact Denture Base)
Denture Teeth 25 (High Impact Teeth) 15 (High Impact Teeth)
Surgical Guide 35 (SurgicalGuide 3) 22 (SurgicalGuide 3)
Hybrid Denture 35 (OnX Tough 2) 20 (OnX Tough 2)

Anodized Build Platform and Compact Resin Tank 

The Pro S Arch Kit hardware is built for longevity, featuring an all-new compact, anodized aluminum build platform with a powerful built-in heater. We designed the build platform to be durable and resistant to erosion from ceramic materials, ensuring quality prints time and time again. 

Designed for single patient prints, the Kit build platform has a 4.1” x 2.3” print area and can fit 2-3 arches. The build platform is compatible with the Pro Wash/Dry and ProWash S, streamlining multiple workflows. 

With 125ml max usage, the compact Pro S Arch Kit resin tank reduces waste and ensures reliable and repeatable results with every print.

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Streamline Workflow Efficiency 

With this launch, we are pleased to introduce an update to PrintOS, now featuring Arch Mode. This software update enables printer compatibility and auto-detection of the Arch Kit. Arch Mode features on-screen notifications and introduces dynamic motion profiles for all dental appliances printed with the Arch Kit.

With the Arch Kit, dental practices can improve in-office workflows and efficiency, allowing them to offer chairside care for a wide variety of treatments. 

3D print more, faster, and in-office with the Kit, the single accessory built for the specifics of the most common dental applications. Bring more same-day care to your practice. Schedule a demo and discover the Pro S Arch Kit and the whole SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem.