SprintRay Quarterly Product Updates

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We’ve been busy making your 3D print experience even better! Read on for a roundup of the best features and product updates you may have missed from the Arch Kit, Cloud Drive, Veneers on Cloud Design, and all the latest from SprintRay.

So Much Speed

We know not everyone needs to fit 8 night guards in a single print job, so we created Arch Kit. Now, you can print up to 2X faster in small batches. Sold? Get it here.

Kit curious? Go to RayWare Cloud and select the Arch Kit to check it out. You may not believe the print estimates, but trust us – we’ve tested them.

Cloud Drive (Officially) Arrives

Cloud Drive automatically puts all the files you need for 3D printing in one place. You can access it from any computer – and your Pro S.

  • Cloud Design – All files you receive from Cloud Design are stored in Cloud Drive in case you need them later.
  • RayWare Cloud – Whenever you upload a file for printing, we keep it backed up.
  • Scanner Integrations – With Dexis and Medit, you can upload scans with the click of a button.
  • Manual Uploads – Any files you need to access later can be added to Cloud Drive. 

We quietly launched Cloud Drive earlier, and we’re excited to pull the curtains back on a whole new look and feel. Watch this space!

Cloud Design Keeps Growing

Veneers have landed on Cloud Design. Choose from no-prep and conventional prepped options, and pair with Ceramic Crown for great results. 

We’ve built out the whole workflow for this, including RayWare algorithms and print profiles. Try it out.

Also new on Cloud Design:

  • 45-min rush service for surgical guide designs. Available weekdays, 5 AM – 4 PM Pacific.
  • Same-day hybrid dentures by appointment. Try it with OnX Tough 2 and the Arch Kit for an experience that will dazzle your patients.
Other Great Updates
  • ProWash S now has a quiet mode for those who want to reduce noise and/or IPA smell. Make sure you’re connected to the web to get this update.
  • ProCure 2 shipped a new user interface that’s easier to use and more in line with PrintOS 8. Plus, we’ve validated more resins for Bolt Mode, including High Impact Denture.
  • Crown Kit for Pro S has been validated for printing inlays and onlays.
  • We’ve added more live chat capacity on our website, so you can get your quick questions answered. Need help?
  • SprintRay has been approved to provide PACE credits! Check out our clinical education course catalog.
  • We launched OnX Tough 2, the first FDA-cleared 3D printing material for full arch. But you already knew that, right?