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Introducing OnX Tough 2: The First 3D Printing Resin FDA Cleared for Fixed Hybrid Dentures

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The need for implant-supported dental prosthetics is on the rise, with the market expected to grow from $10.47 billion in 2022 to $11.54 billion in 2023.1 Unlike conventional removable dentures, fixed hybrid dentures are secured using implants, substantially improving stability, function, and patient satisfaction.2 

Traditional processes for fixed, implant-supported dentures involve up to 6 patient visits and extensive fabrication time. With OnX Tough 2, the first-ever FDA clearance for a 3D printing material for fixed hybrid dentures, same-day restorations are now possible. 

Formulated with NanoFusion™ for Enhanced Optical Performance


We formulated OnX Tough 2 using proprietary NanoFusion™ technology. This technology a suspends the optimal amount of ceramic in the formulation, which minimizes mixing. NanoFusion™enhances structural integrity, so restorations printed with exceptionally tough and suitable for demanding dental applications like implant-supported dentures.

Is available in shades Bleach, A1, and A2. Our team formulated these new pigments for enhanced optical performance. These new pigments deliver high-precision shade matching and improved color stability. When you print fixed dentures 3D printed with OnX Tough 2, your prosthetics have optimal radiopacity for imaging diagnostics, treatment planning, and monitoring healing and progress. 

New Era of Accessibility and Convenience for Providers and Patients 

With OnX Tough 2 and the SprintRay ecosystem, 3D print, wash, and cure 10 fixed dentures in 30 minutes. With each product, we consider the entire workflow from start to finish. That’s why created to usher in a new era of same-day restorations held to the highest clinical standard that allows patients to enjoy the benefits of their new smile immediately. 

Deliver best-in-class strength and lab-quality aesthetics – the first and only 3D printing resin FDA-cleared for fixed hybrid dentures available on the market. 

Learn more about 3D printing fixed hybrid dentures with OnX Tough 2: https://sprintray.com/digital-dentistry/fixed-hybrid-dentures/


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