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Phoenix, AZ - September 28-29, 2018


SprintRay Affiliate Lecturers at IDT

The most trusted voices in digital prosthodontics
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Lee Culp, CDT

Lee Culp is a pioneer in the field of digital dentistry. One of the creators and original users of the monolithic try-ins, Lee will be speaking at IDT at the main stage in great detail about digital dentures, workflows, and how 3D printing has shaped the denture fabrication process in his state-of-the-art lab.

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Dr. Nate Farley

Dr. Farley is an expert on digital fabrication and 3D printing in-office. He'll cover CAD design software, analyze the benefits and limitations of in-office 3D printed digital dentures, and offer a survey of the current state of digital dentures along with where he sees the industry growing.

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A New Frontier for Dentures

3D printing has brought the fabrication of dental appliances out of the lab and into the office. If you haven't already started to leverage this technology, now is the perfect time: it has never been more accessible or user-friendly. With SprintRay 3D printers, digital dentures are within reach.

SprintRay will be at IDT, where our expert team will be demonstrating "see it live" cases ranging from 3D printed denture bases and crowns to monolithic try-ins. Register today for IDT to see the future of dentures first-hand at SprintRay's booth and with our trusted affiliate lecturers.

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Digital Denture Applications

Versatile, fast, flexible treatments for denture patients of all types
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Printed & Milled Hybrid

hybrid 3d printed denture final

Leverage the best of both worlds with a 3D printed denture base and milled teeth. These implanted dentures have more lifelike bases at a fraction of the unit cost thanks to the smooth nature of 3D printed parts. With SprintRay 3D printers, you can start today.

Fully Printed Hybrid 

fully 3d printed denture sprintray
This denture is fully 3D printed in two sections that are fused together. The base is printed with denture base resin, and the teeth with crown & bridge micro-fill. By fully printing the denture in-office, you can reduce lab fees and increase delivery speed.

Monolithic Eco-Dentures

high quality dentures 3d printed economical
More than just a try-in: monolithic dentures can be stained to look like real teeth and gums. If the try-in fits, the customer can purchase it for a fraction of the cost of traditionally-fabricated dentures, allowing you to expand your treatment options.

Simplified Workflows, Happier Clinicians

With SprintRay in your office, you're empowered to create dental appliances quickly, easily, and with the full support of our expert staff. Our MoonRay 3D printer is efficient, reliable, and affordable, making it a fantastic addition to any digital workflow. 

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