The Ultimate Power Duo: Biomaterial Advancements Expand Pro 2’s Reach

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As we continue to redefine the forefront of dental 3D printing technology we’re ready to announce our latest lineup. We’ve just launched our new Pro 2 3D Printer along with two innovative resins from our BioMaterial Innovation Lab—a direct-print Retainer and a next-generation Dental Model resin. With these developments and our recent partnership with Ivoclar, we’re expanding the capabilities and accessibility of our 3D printing ecosystem, empowering dentists and orthodontists to deliver faster, more flexible care.

The Pro 2 3D Printer: Throughput Meets Precision 

The Pro 2 merges unmatched precision with high throughput. It’s the first printer in our lineup powered by the groundbreaking Optical Panel technology, which features a 35-micron XY resolution and a 385 nm UV light. This technology allows the Pro 2 to print up to six full-arch dental models in just 15 minutes, maintaining over 99% dimensional stability. The introduction of our all-new Dental Model and direct print Retainer resins means that dental professionals can now produce appliances with superior anatomy and exact marginal fit.

In the past, dentists had to balance the trade-off between precision and production speed. The Pro 2 shatters this compromise.

“The Pro 2 prints with industry-leading speed, has a large build area, and is extremely accurate, making it a single machine perfect for both high-volume orthodontic production and precise restorative appliances.” said Amir Mansouri, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO

Pushing the Boundaries of Biomaterial Innovation

Our Biomaterial Innovation Lab has been busy too! We’ve dedicated this space entirely to pushing the boundaries of material science and expanding what’s possible with dental 3D printing. With the addition of Ivoclar’s resins to our growing portfolio, we are providing dental professionals and labs with a broader range of top-tier materials, further enhancing the quality and efficiency of dental care.

  • SprintRay Retainer: A resin enabling direct 3D printing of retainers, eliminating traditional labor steps for faster production and same-day delivery.
  • SprintRay Dental Model: Advanced resin for orthodontic and dental models, offering significant speed improvements and accuracy for digital workflows.
  • Ivoclar Resins: Combined with our growing resin portfolio, the addition of Ivoclar’s resins will equip dentists and labs with more access to an expanded library of leading materials.

The Pro 2 3D printer and our new resin lineup are now available for purchase and will start shipping this summer. Elevate your practice with the latest in 3D printing technology—shop now.