Ceramic Crown Featured in Dentistry Today

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Ceramic Dominant Resin: Backed By Science, Preferred by Experts.

Curious about the effectiveness of 3D printing with Ceramic Crown? You’re in the right place. Dentistry Today recently published an article showing the results of a series of studies proving its efficacy as a definitive restoration solution. The article “Using a Printed, Ceramic-Based Resin for Anterior and Posterior Final Crowns” details patient case studies and how SprintRay Ceramic Crown compared to competitor solutions. The result, Ceramic Crown is a viable material for definitive restorations and displayed “better retention” than the competition. Discover what sets Ceramic Crown apart by reading through significant study breakthroughs here. 

“Printed restorations have increasingly been replacing CAD-milled restorations over the past few years due to their easier fabrication process, with an annual growth of 20%. Ceramic resins have been introduced to be used with printers as a more durable material for restorations than previously used print resins.” –Dentistry Today. At SprintRay, every innovation is rigorously tested and scientifically backed, and Ceramic Crown is no exception. 

Our latest FDA-cleared Ceramic Dominant resin has not only made headlines but has been studied by renowned institutions worldwide to prove its excellent mechanical properties and efficacy as a definitive restoration. Ceramic Crown defines a new class of premium, ‘Ceramic Dominant’ resin clinically formulated with more than 50% ceramic filler for high-quality, durable dental restorations. FDA 510(k) Class II cleared for 3D printing definitive full and partial single crowns and veneers. 

Key Benefits

  • FDA Cleared Ceramic Dominant Formulation (CDT code qualified)
  • Radiopaque 
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Excellent marginal fit and wear resistance 

SprintRay Ceramic Crown offers a complete definitive crown solution for under $20k. What does this mean exactly? You can start 3D printing definitive crowns in-office with a capital investment of 5x less than the most popular milling solution. Start 3D printing definitively with Ceramic Crown.