A Complete Ecosystem for 3D Printing Orthodontic Appliances In-Office

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The orthodontic community is one of the fastest adopters of 3D printing technology. The SprintRay orthodontic 3D printing ecosystem includes the cutting-edge Pro95 S 3D printer, Pro Wash/Dry and ProCure 2 for post processing, 3D printing resins, and treatment plan design services to fabricate and deliver applications. With the SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem, provide clear aligners to patients on the same day or during their first visit to your practice. SprintRay continues to be a leader in orthodontic 3D printing, expanding its in-office offerings with software innovations such as:

  • IOS partner integration with 3Shape, Medit, Dexis, and exocad for data transfer directly to the SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem
  • Updated treatment planning for clear aligner models, bleaching trays, and bracket removal in SprintRay Cloud Design 
  • Automated print job queuing and file management in RayWare Cloud to track the production of clear aligner cases

SprintRay and Braces On Demand Create Digital Orthodontic Workflow

In-office, 3D printed orthodontic appliances are now possible with end-to-end digital workflows from intraoral scanning, designing, printing, and post processing. SprintRay is partnering with Braces On Demand, leveraging their BLUEPRINT AI-powered cloud design platform to provide orthodontists with the ability to 3D print orthodontic brackets and fixed appliances in-office. Bring easy-to-use treatment plan designs in-house with their cloud solutions, accessible via the web. The Braces on Demand web application accepts an STL file from orthodontists to 3D print orthodontic brackets in less than 30 minutes using the SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem. Using 3D printing workflows powered by SprintRay and Braces On Demand, orthodontists can reduce patient treatment times and streamline clinic productivity.

First Day, First Tray: Deliver Clear Aligners Same-Day

Patients are becoming more familiar with mail-in, at-home impressions for clear aligner delivery. However, the turnaround times associated with these services can delay treatment starts. Analog impressions are uncomfortable for patients and are not conveniently repeatable if treatment trays are lost or need to be recreated by the provider. Patients and providers save time with 3D printing and digital intraoral scanning. Patients no longer have to wait weeks for their clear aligners. Orthodontists can jumpstart their patients’ treatment with same-day clear aligners delivered with 3D printing. 

Through the First Tray Today campaign, SprintRay provides customers with in-office and digital marketing collateral to help their patients jumpstart orthodontic treatment. The campaign aims to improve patient awareness, case acceptance, and treatment success by providing patients with same-day clear aligners delivered by 3D printing within their first visit. First Tray Today campaign assets include:

  • A patient-facing website with a resource for patients to find orthodontists using the SprintRay 3D printing workflow for delivering same-day clear aligners.
  • In-office marketing materials to help orthodontic offices inform their patients about the ease and benefits of accepting aligner treatment.

Higher Accuracy Means Happier Patients

In-office 3D printing gives orthodontists more treatment control for better precision and fit. Higher precision results in a better fit. Patients have a more comfortable experience, which can lead to higher case acceptance rates for the provider. 

“The orthodontic community is one of the fastest adopters of 3D printing technology, transforming highly manual processes into digital, repeatable workflows,” said SprintRay CEO and Co-Founder Amir Mansouri, Ph.D. “SprintRay is proud to partner with Braces On Demand to continue providing industry-leading advances in digital orthodontics and chairside dentistry through seamless solutions for doctors to efficiently and effectively treat their patients and build their practices.”3D printing is transforming the future of orthodontic care, providing easy-to-use solutions and highly customizable treatment applications. SprintRay is committed to innovating at the intersection of dental expertise, and the precision made possible through dental, in-office 3D printing. Schedule a demo to experience the complete SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem for fabricating clear aligners in-office.