SprintRay Crown™ by BEGO – Democratizing Digital Dentistry

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Our latest resin is here to reform your digital dental workflow, making dental 3D printing faster, cheaper, and better than ever.

3D Printing Crowns is Incredibly Fast and Unbelievably Affordable

Innovative and cutting-edge, SprintRay’s 3D printing materials allow you to get the most out of dental 3D printing in your practice. Our growing line-up of resins have changed dental practice, enabling the accurate and easy chairside fabrication of a wide range of dental appliances. 

We continuously strive to provide our customers with new, affordable, and top-of-the-line digital dentistry. We keep both dentists and their patients in mind and do our best to make premium digital dentistry fully inclusive.

In line with this, we are excited to introduce the latest resin to join the SprintRay family – SprintRay Crown™ by BEGO. A collaboration between BEGO and SprintRay, this resin allows for the in-office 3D printing of crowns and restorations as little as $2 per crown in material cost

That’s right. For just a couple of dollars and in less than an hour, you can now 3D print crowns, that are FDA 510(k) cleared, from the comfort of your own office. This low price pushes the industry further to democratizing digital dentistry and making dental 3D printing more accessible, inclusive, and patient-centric than ever before. In addition, it serves as an incredible opportunity for seeing a quick return on your investment.

Looks, Brains, and Brawn

Features at a Glance:

  • Fantastic Aesthetics
  • Incredible Integrity
  • Complete Comfort
  • Easy to Polish
  • FDA 510(k) Cleared

SprintRay Crown™ by BEGO is a ceramic-filled hybrid material for 3D printing permanent single crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers. It delivers a perfect fit, accurate fabrication, and reproducible results. 

Specifically formulated to deliver excellent marginal integrity, radiographic visibility, and expanded throughput, SprintRay Crown™ by BEGO boasts strength and aesthetics on par with traditional composite materials plus natural fluoresence. Its dental-centric formulation produces an optimal balance between opacity and translucency, providing patients with 3D printed teeth that look and feel natural. 

SprintRay Crown™ by BEGO is resistant to aging, discoloration, wear and tear. It has been rigorously validated in laboratory studies to ensure structural integrity and confirm the absence of any cytotoxicity. With SprintRay Crown™ by BEGO,  you can rest assured that fabricated restorations will stand the test of time.

To Crown It All

SprintRay Crown™ by BEGO gives dental professionals the luxury of true chairside dentistry at an incredibly affordable price. It will simplify and streamline your workflow beyond belief, clearing up time and energy for even better patient care. Trust SprintRay Crown™ by BEGO to wow your patients and rein in profits. Want to see it to believe it? Request a sample.

SprintRay Crown by BEGO is now available in the US, EU, EFTA, and UK.