Q1 2024 Innovation Roundup

In News by SprintRay

Exciting times at SprintRay as we unveil the latest batch of upgrades and features designed to turbocharge your 3D printing experience. From AI enhancements to cutting-edge curing tech, we’re here to ensure your workflow continues setting the pace in dentistry.

Print Networking Improved

All Pro and Pro S printers have been upgraded with a secondary printing method that allows you to send a job to almost any printer – even if it’s not ‘Online’ in RayWare Cloud. Now, you can queue a job to your printer from RayWare Cloud, even when your printer isn’t visible. 

If you have issues with your printer appearing offline, even when it’s connected to the internet, this feature is for you!

NanoCure Has Arrived

NanoCure isn’t just fast; it’s enabling a new world of biomaterial Innovation. Packing dual-wavelength tech for rapid biocompatibility and a heater that ramps up the temperature in seconds—it’s your express ticket to the best mechanical properties. Ready to leap ahead? Order NanoCure.

AI Nightguard 2.0 + Cloud Design Updates

Open or closed bite, upper or lower jaw – you can now use AI Nightguard 2.0 to design a guard for almost everyone. Our updated AI system offers thickness customization and more flexibility to help you meet the needs of your patients.

Ready to protect more smiles? Order an AI 2.0 Nightguard.

Also new on Cloud Design:

  • NightGuard Print & Ship is now available on Cloud Design. Submit your scans, and we’ll design, print, and ship the guards to your office. 
  • The new cemented restoration design order form allows you to order crowns, onlays, inlays, bridges, and Maryland bridges in a single treatment form. 
  • Rush service from 30 minutes is now available for cemented restorations weekdays, 5a-4p Pacific.
PrintOS 8: Unifying for Success

Pro and Pro S have never looked so good. With PrintOS 8, we’re unifying the printers with the most user-friendly software we’ve ever designed. You won’t want to miss this update, featuring a raft of functional improvements, including integration with Cloud Drive for scan-to-model workflows.

How to update:

  • To update Pro S, go to Settings > Software > Check for Updates
  • To update Pro, you’ll need to send the update from RayWare desktop. Watch the step-by-step instructions to learn how.

Other Great Updates

  • Get 24/7 support with our new AI Help Center filled with dental 3D printing knowledge. And for those moments when you need a human touch, our live agents are available to step in. 
  • Arch Kit now supports fixed restorations, offering up to 2x printing speed vs the standard Pro S kit.
  • NightGuard Flex and Firm 2 stormed onto the scene with improved mechanical properties and a new clear shade.
  • Apex Teeth and Base are revolutionizing digital dentures with incredible aesthetics and NanoFusion™ strength.


As we continue to push the envelope of 3D printing technology, stay tuned for more groundbreaking updates from SprintRay. We’re not just keeping up; we’re setting the pace.