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We have partnered with some of the most advanced innovators in 3D Dentistry to share their expert knowledge on a wide array of subjects. From the basics of 3D printing to cutting edge facial reconstruction procedures we are sure you will find a course to take you to the next level!


Dr. Thanos Kristallis and Dr. Katya Archambault


Come join us for an exciting day dedicated to learning the new digital smile design workflows and 3D printing.
Learn how to take your patient from data-capturing and digitization to a trial smile and a new permanent smile by incorporating 3D printing into the digital process.


Course Objectives:


  • Discover how to capture correctly and integrate all the intra- and extra-oral digital data in the smile planning process
  • Learn the smile design process through 3D design software and services
  • Unlock the remarkable new 3D printed materials and deliver long lasting and highly aesthetic chairside smiles for your patients
  • Learn how to customize and deliver accurate and predictable restorations in the same day

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