A Legacy of Resilience: Introducing OnX Tough

In News by SprintRay Web Team

There’s tough and there’s OnX Tough. The difference? It’s in the resin. “When creating OnX Tough, we set out to design a next generation resin that addressed the limitations of 3D printed smiles today – durability and poor aesthetics,” said Sumeet Jain, Ph.D., Vice President, Materials. 

What we didn’t anticipate was just how game-changing the results would be.

The heart of the problem we set out to solve lies in a lack of uniformity of particles causing more fractures and less reliable bonds. The particles within existing hybrid resins were simply too large to ensure consistency. We felt compelled to change this. We also discovered that appliances would suffer a significant drop in mechanical properties over time. To solve this, we focused our attention on exploring the relationship of dental prosthetics and water molecules.

We knew we had to increase the bond between filler and resin to prevent fractures—while also creating a barrier against pesky water molecules prone to cause dental prostheses to weaken. But how? 

Enter the inception of NanoFusion™. The dental revolution no one saw coming. 

The Epitome of Future Forward: NanoFusion™

OnX Tough is the first-ever 3D printed dental material manufactured using proprietary NanoFusion™. 

SprintRay’s proprietary manufacturing process pushes the boundaries of material science technology—far further than what was ever thought possible. NanoFusion™ allows for a smaller, uniform, and evenly distributed nano-sized filler. This changes everything. Nano particles make for a higher density, meaning more strength and a homogeneous composition, meaning resulting in a smoother finish. But we didn’t stop there. It also eliminates the need for extra mixing or rolling. 

Materials formed using NanoFusion™ ensure novel composition and form dense polymer chains to deliver dental prostheses with best-in-class fracture toughness.

When we say tough, we mean tough. Our next generation hybrid ceramic resin is 5X tougher than any first-generation technology. Not only does NanoFusion™ technology unlock unparalleled durability, it looks good while doing it. 

Simply put, it’s our most innovative hybrid ceramic resin to date. With OnX Tough, remarkable toughness, superior aesthetics, and an optimized workflow isn’t the goal; it’s a new standard of dental 3D printing resins. 

Exceptionally Stunning, Unmistakably SprintRay 

OnX Tough is a direct result of our long history with advanced material science and our unrelenting dedication to pushing the boundaries. 

We left no questions unanswered when developing the NanoFusion™ technology that drives this leap in performance. The advances in aesthetics speaks for itself. When printing with OnX Tough you can expect a smooth surface finish that mimics natural enamel while optimizing translucency—every time.

And with every new innovation we consider the entire workflow from start to finish. Streamline your print process while building patient satisfaction and increasing profits exponentially. OnX Tough is easy to process and characterize, enabling a highly efficient in-office workflow.

The Need for Next Generation Speed

Is it possible to deliver dentures that are 5X tougher and more lifelike than ever, without sacrificing speed? 

Our thoughts exactly. In as little as 60minutes, you can print, wash, and cure a full custom set of dental prosthetics with the SprintRay ecosystem. With every new innovation we consider the entire workflow from start to finish. That’s why we’ve created the first ever hybrid ceramic resin that can 3D print, wash, and cure for streamlined efficacy. 

Save time with simple-tear supports, no extra mixing, and an at-ease post process. Deliver unprecedented strength and lab-quality aesthetics with OnX Tough—the first innovation of its kind and the last one you’d want to miss.