Group Training

SprintRay Led Training for Doctors and Assistants 


  •  $1500 Per Attendee, $750 for each additional attendee from the same office

Gain 3D printing knowledge and skills with in-person, hands-on instruction for every SprintRay validated workflow. Our instructors will guide you through best practices from scan, to print, to post process while teaching you how to maximize the benefits of your 3D printing investment. This course is fantastic for both doctors and staff.

Learning objectives

  • Increase dental 3D printing proficiency across a variety of clinical indications such as crowns, aligners, dental models, and more
  • Get hands-on experience with SprintRay validated 3D printing workflows, software, and hardware, covering intraoral scanning, SprintRay Cloud Design, SprintRay RayWare, Pro S series printers, Pro Wash/Dry, and ProCure 2
  • Learn various 3D printing and post processing workflows with our full library of 3D printing materials

Available locations

Los Angeles, CA

July 26th – 27th

2710 Media Center Drive
Suite 100A
Los Angeles
CA 90065



Austin, TX

August 16th – 17th

Sonrisas Dental Center Austin
505 West Louis Henna Boulevard Suite #110 Austin, TX 78728



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Group Training