Introducing ProWash S – Featuring Cloud Connectivity for a Simplified 3D Printing Workflow

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ProWash S provides a powerful clean and dry with one touch workflow activation, part of the SprintRay intelligent dental 3D printing ecosystem from print to cure.

Building on the award-winning hardware design of its predecessor, ProWash S introduces a whole new software system packed with features to simplify your workflow. In addition to the standard, 9-minute wash and dry cycle, you can now create, name, and save cleaning cycles with custom wash and rinse dry times. 

With ProWash S, you can enjoy a single-touch process because it uses cloud connectivity to communicate job parameters to each unit and eliminate various touchpoints.

New features on the ProWash S also include:

Improved Washing and Drying 

Optimized wash profiles and motor dynamics improve wash quality and consistency, especially for large batches. A dedicated drying fan channels air directly into the wash chamber, delivering 3X drying performance for bone-dry appliances ready for curing. 

Smart Diagnostics  

ProWash S connects to SprintRay Cloud, allowing it to receive software updates, custom resin profiles, and more. ProWash S integrates with Pro S 3D printers and ProCure 2 for a cohesive ecosystem.

ProWash S tracks, measures, and uses solvent more intelligently, and automatic pumps improve plumbing. With ProWash S, you can also create, save, and manage custom cleaning cycles. 

Big Screen, Big Power 

The all-new, higher-powered 5” touchscreen helps streamline everyday tasks. On-screen, animated guides easily walk you and your staff through basic maintenance and troubleshooting. 

We refined the design and features of ProWash S with the needs of dental professionals in mind. Working with the rest of the SprintRay ecosystem, ProWash S provides a seamless workflow experience, making 3D printing and fabrication in-office easily accessible. 

ProWash S joins our industry-leading Pro S 3D printing ecosystem featuring Pro95/55 S 3D printers and advanced post processing with ProCure 2. Schedule a demo to experience the more intelligent, more connected 3D printing ecosystem from SprintRay.