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Same-day aligners delivered with 3D printing

With modern 3D printing solutions, orthodontists can provide same-day care that is fast, affordable, and more personal than any alternative. That means you no longer have to schedule multiple visits or wait weeks to start treatments. Jumpstart your treatment and get your first tray today.

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Orthodontic treatments delivered same-day with 3D printing

Reduce Your Treatment Wait Time

Most clinics take weeks to deliver your aligners, and your teeth can shift during that wait time. With in-clinic 3D printing, your orthodontist can give you a custom tray during your first visit. Get same-day treatment for your smile from day one and minimize shifts while maximizing fit.

How it Works

Digital Scan

Digital scanning creates a real-time, virtual rendering of your mouth, eliminating the need for multiple visits or uncomfortable molds in your mouth. Great first impressions make for better fits.

Innovative Tech

3D printing streamlines treatment while lowering costs and wait time, providing a personalized patient experience.

Better Fit

With 3D printing technology in-office, your orthodontist can respond to your unique needs and design a treatment plan for you - and you only.

First Day, First Tray

Orthodontists using in-office 3D printing technology can provide patients with immediate, same-day treatment. It’s never been easier to start treatment - and keep it on track - from the first visit.

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