Ceramic Crown Shades Portfolio Expanded – 3D Print Crowns in Bleach, C2, and D2

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The world’s first complete 3D printing ecosystem for definitive ceramic crowns has expanded. Ceramic Crown resin is now available in shades Bleach, C2, and D2 alongside existing shades A1, A2, A3, and B1. This expansion of shades allows dental professionals to match existing anterior and posterior dentition more easily and reduces the time needed for characterization. 
More shades available broaden the potential applications for 3D printed crowns. Dental professionals now have access to a wider variety of ceramic dominant 3D printing materials, FDA 501(k) Class II cleared for:

  • Definitive full and partial crowns
  • Definitive single veneers
  • Artificial denture teeth 
  • Monolithic full and partial dentures

Ceramic Crown is >50% ceramic, making it a top-tier material for definitive 3D crowns with high strength and resistance to wear. Since its initial launch in early 2023, Ceramic Crown has undergone rigorous scientific testing to prove its exceptional efficacy as a definitive restoration for 3D printing. 

The Division of Biomaterials at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, SD Mechatronik, and the SprintRay Materials team tested Ceramic Crown on the following studies:

  • Fracture Load and Abrasion Resistance
  • Occlusal Wall Thickness Effect on Fracture Load
  • Chewing Simulation Abrasion Resistance
  • Bonding Strength with Luting Composite
  • Shear Bond Strength Luting Workflow Comparison

These extensive studies have shown Ceramic Crown to have exceptional mechanical performance compared to conventional materials when tested for fracture load, abrasion resistance, and bond strength. 

As part of the complete chairside restorative 3D printing ecosystem from SprintRay, Ceramic Crown enables 3D printed, same-day definitive crowns with a total end-to-end production time of less than 45 minutes. Learn more about Ceramic Crown.