RayWare on SprintRay Cloud – 3D Printing at Your Fingertips

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RayWare on SprintRay Cloud is now easier, faster, and smarter than ever. Available via web browsers, it will help you save on hardware, save on time, and centralize your entire digital workflow.

Your Workflow Just Got Elevated

A perfectly streamlined digital workflow requires efficient centralization. A good workflow simplifies your work while simultaneously increasing efficiency, productivity, and profitability. 

With this in mind, we took it upon ourselves to create the ultimate centralized online platform for dental 3D printing: SprintRay Cloud. This new, cloud-based digital dentistry suite is here to simplify your workflow further.

Meet RayWare on SprintRay Cloud 


If you are a SprintRay user, you are familiar with RayWare. RayWare on SprintRay Cloud is similar but elevated and available on web browsers. 

Because it’s on the cloud, RayWare doesn’t require high-end computing hardware – almost any computer or tablet with a modern browser will do. Now, it’s easier than ever for you to access your digital workflow hub from anywhere at any time. Use any computer with a web browser. As a result, the high hardware requirements of digital dentistry are removed, lowering entry barriers to additive manufacturing for anyone thinking of taking their first steps into the world of digital dentistry. 

RayWare on SprintRay Cloud runs on various devices, including tablets and almost any computer with a browser, and is designed to be the focal point of your workflow. It does not require a shared WiFi connection with your printer, thus making 3D printing more mobile and accessible than ever before. You can now print dental appliances any time from anywhere.  

Flatten the 3D Printing Learning Curve


Our new workflow is unbelievably simple. All you do is upload your scans, choose the print job you want, and click print. Orientation, support creation, layout, and resin are checked against your setup and detected automatically. 

Using RayWare is just that easy. Any member of your staff can step in at any point in the process and take care of the 3D printing. The entire 3D printing process is now fully delegable, freeing up massive amounts of your time and energy. 

Smart Print AI – A Workflow with Intelligence


Perhaps RayWare’s most exciting feature, Smart Print AI, is an absolute game-changer. Smart Print AI makes the entire 3D printing experience automated and hands-free, requiring very little input from you. RayWare automatically handles labor-intensive work, such as orientation, building support structures, and job layouts.

Smart Print AI takes over 3D printing after scanning is finished. It recommends the resin, determines print orientation, creates accurate support structures, and chooses a layout for your entire print job. It will check all parameters and make sure they follow your preferences to a T. Fans of surgical guides and implant dentures will find this feature extremely helpful as it will keep support structures away from drill holes.

Save Costs, Save Time, Save Energy


The kind of reliability enabled by AI Print means that each project has an increased success rate. Each printed appliance will come out accurate and fit for purpose. Our support structures, too, have been improved and are now extremely easy to remove, saving you time and energy in the long run. 

You no longer need a high-end computer to adopt 3D printing into your workflow as RayWare is accessible via web browsers and eliminates expensive hardware requirements. To use it, you only need your personal computer. Incorporating dental 3D printing has never been this inexpensive. 

Additionally, the entire process is so seamless, linear, and fast it requires only the click of a few keys. This time saved can translate into major profits that will help you see a quick return on your investment. 

The Future is in the Clouds


Opting for a digital workflow has never been this simple. RayWare on SprintRay Cloud is, by far, one of our most exciting releases. The SprintRay team has been working on it for years, ensuring that RayWare can anticipate and answer the needs of the digital dental community. 

SprintRay Cloud is your new hub for dental 3D printing, ensuring that you have access to all your projects and print jobs from anywhere and at any time. 3D printing simplifies your practice; RayWare on SprintRay Cloud simplifies 3D printing.

Invest in your practice. Learn more about RayWare on SprintRay Cloud and the SprintRay 3D Printing Ecosystem