SprintRay Onboarding

Welcome to the wide world of SprintRay digital workflows
With SprintRay in your office, you can do more. But getting started can seem intimidating, so we’ve gathered all the resources you need for your first twenty-five prints.

Introduction to Cloud Software

SprintRay Cloud

Welcome to the world of dental 3D printing with SprintRay Cloud! This powerful platform is your gateway to setting up print jobs, ordering patient treatment designs, and tracking your progress. Start here to learn the basics.

First Time Setup

Activate Your Printer

Connecting your printer to SprintRay Cloud is easy and ensures you can send, track, and monitor print jobs remotely. In this video, we’ll show you how to activate your printer and connect it to SprintRay.

How to Prepare a Print Job

RayWare Cloud

Preparing a print job is easy with RayWare Cloud. Select your indication type, resin, and printer, then Autopilot Mode will handle the orientation, supports, and layout. In this video, we’ll show you how to do it.

Ready. Set. Go!

First Print

The SprintRay ecosystem makes 3D printing easy! In this video, we’ll review all the critical parts of your 3D printer, explain what they’re used for, and then show you how to start a print job.

Easy Appliance Design

Cloud Design

Submit scans, order treatments, and receive designs for 3D printing, all within one centralized hub. With Cloud Design, you can order treatments ready for delivery as quickly as just a few minutes with AI. Learn how it works here.

Pro S Tips and Tricks

Printer Maintenance

Keeping your printer clean and ready for use helps extend its useful life and ensures accurate, repeatable results for years to come. In this video, we’ll show you a few simple procedures for keeping your workflow on track.

ProWash Tips and Tricks

Wash Maintenance

Your wash device simplifies the printing workflow by automating the two-stage wash and drying cycle. In this video, we’ll show you how to drain, clean, and refill your device.

NanoCure Tips and Tricks

Cure Maintenance

SprintRay curing devices are workhorse machines requiring only minimal maintenance. In this video, we’ll cover a few procedures for keeping things running smoothly.


Unleash the Power of Your Scanner

Integrate Your Scanner

You’re the scanning expert, and SprintRay makes it easy to move your files from your software into our ecosystem for design and printing. Choose your scanner to learn how.

Get Help

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