SprintRay in TCT Magazine

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TCT Magazine is an authority in the world of additive manufacturing. So when they came to us for an interview, we were more than happy to chat. With topics ranging from digital dentistry to our company history, the article is a great look at what’s happening now and in the future. Of course, no article about SprintRay would be complete without a little reminiscence about our humble beginnings:

“When we first launched the MoonRay on Kickstarter, we had no particular market in mind… This [dental 3D printing] aligned with our original belief – that 3D printing can positively change the lives of ordinary people – and so we began focusing more on dental.”

Our interview is part of a larger segment by TCT Magazine that focuses specifically on dental. We take this to be a sign that we’re moving in the right direction. As one of the first 3D printing companies to pivot fully into the dental market, we’re confident that additive manufacturing will continue sweeping the industry. From the interview:

“Compared with six-figure investments many individual/group practices make in things like cone-beam scanners, a four-figure 3D printer that gives them production capabilities is a no-brainer.”

We believe that desktop 3D printing belongs in every office. And we believe that additive manufacturing can enrich the lives of everyone when it’s put in the right hands. That was the original SprintRay mission statement, and it has informed everything we’ve done – especially pivoting into dental. Now, in the hands of oral surgeons, general practitioners, prosthodontists, and lab technicians, 3D printing is helping to make dentistry – one of the more anxiety-inducing medical professions – a kinder, more convenient industry.

“We have practices that have totally overhauled their workflows as the result of integrating our printers. They’ve found so much more control over treatment plans that dentists are more involved in patient cases than ever.”

The full interview is out now in the latest edition of TCT Magazine out now in Europe. Customers in North America can read the full interview when the latest issue hits The US in December. Head over to their website to subscribe.

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