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Resin Revolution: Announcing Die & Model 2 and Study Model White

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SprintRay Die & Model resins provide outstanding mechanical properties, rapid production capacity, and incredible accuracy. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve taken these popular resins to new heights, with a host of improvements that will make 3D printing in your office one of the easiest things you do. These resins are available now on the SprintRay store and will begin shipping in early September.

Thanks to the help of our community, we identified several pain points with our popular Die & Model resin, then created an improved product that addressed them. Community-inspired improvements across all 3 new resins include:

  • Drastically reduced odor
  • Up to 10% faster print speeds
  • Virtually no pigment separation
  • Improved adhesion to the build plate
  • Models are easier to separate from thermoforming materials

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Read on to learn about the specific differences between the outgoing resin and Die & Model 2, along with the introduction of Study Model White. 

Introducing: Die & Model 2

Image of die & model 2 gray 3D printing resin for dental models

Die & Model 2 Gray is perfect for aligner models, with improved color to provide outstanding visual contrast.

SprintRay Die & Model resins have long been our best sellers. These materials were known for their accuracy, rapid print speeds, and reliability. When it came to improving them for the next generation, we spoke to our customer base to identify a few areas of opportunity. But we didn’t stop there – we also took careful note of what you liked about it to make sure we’re giving you even more of a good thing.

Image of SprintRay die & model 2 tan 3D printing resin for dental models

Die & Model 2 Tan retains its incredible accuracy but now with reduced odor and pigment settling, making it even easier to work with.

When it comes to 3D printing dental models of any kind, our number one priority is to ensure a comfortable, intuitive user experience. Die & Model 2 features a drastically reduced odor, so your office staff can confidently utilize the printer in whatever space you may have. Additionally, the effect of pigment settling has been drastically reduced, meaning that your resin requires far less stirring before every use, especially when being left overnight.


Die and model 2 gray dental model resin for 3D printing

Die & Model 2 is even easier to separate from thermoforming material than its predecessor.

Beyond quality-of-life improvements, we’ve also brought superior mechanical properties to Die & Model 2 resins. This means they’re less likely to break or deform during the course of normal use, reducing the number of reprints due to broken or cracked models. What’s more, the new formulation has improved adhesion to the build platform, making for an easier print process. To round off the performance improvements, Die & Model 2 is even easier to separate from thermoforming materials than its predecessor.


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Restorative study model printed with die & model 2 tan 3D printing resin

Incredible surface finish and high accuracy make Die & Model 2 the perfect resin for restorative study models.


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But Wait, There’s More: Study Model White

Image for SprintRay Study Model White 3D printing resin for dental models

Study Model White produces a color and finish just like orthodontic stone, making it ideal for patient education.

To help support the growing use of 3D printed models for patient presentation, we’re proud to announce SprintRay Study Model White! This resin features a similar formulation to the Die & Model 2 series, but with a fantastic snow-white color and smooth surface texture that mimics orthodontic stone. 

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Featuring all the improvements over previous Die & Model generation resins, Study Model White is the perfect resin for waxups and educational models for all kinds of patient presentation. With Pixel Toning and Ludicrous Speed, you can print full-arch models with excellent surface texture in as few as 15 minutes. This speed and quality offers an unprecedented way to increase patient acceptance through education in just a single appointment.

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Image of 3D printed dental model with SprintRay study model white resin

Study Model White produces models that are aesthetically pleasing and extremely accurate, perfect for patient presentation.

Never Stop Improving

SprintRay Die & Model 2 and Study Model White are the latest in a long line of improvements we’ve made to our dental 3D printing product lineup. Inspired by the way our community pushes what’s possible in dentistry, we’re going to keep delivering on our promise to provide the best tools in the world for dental 3D printing. Stay tuned as we continue pushing the dental industry forward, one 3D printing ecosystem at a time.

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