Protect Your Practice. Protect Your Patients. Protect Your Smile.

It’s never been easier to protect the occlusal health of your patients.


Along with our partners, we are dedicating our efforts to help dental clinics and labs deliver on the potential of 3D printing to help deliver occlusal guards to more of their patients. We will help you identify solutions that give you the confidence to make occlusal applications the standard of care in your practice in a way that’s appealing and profitable for your business.


Giving Smiles

As part of our commitment to Protect a Smile, SprintRay is committed to donating $__ to Give Kids a Smile or _____ for every occlusal guard delivered. And, every gift will feature a matching contribution from _______ and ______. Inspired by your commitment to your patients, we want to give to make a difference where it is most needed. Thank you for everything you do, and for bringing us along for the ride.

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The Right Time, The Right Technology

Occlusal guards have never been more important - and they’ve never been this easy to make.

Oral issues like clenching, bruxism, and poor sleep quality are increasing, exacerbated by the health and economic risks brought of the pandemic. These ever-increasing parafunctional habits negatively impact oral health. 

Parafunctional habits
are increasing.

Now, more than ever, we see the benefits of intraoral scanning, dental CAD software, and 3D printing come together to allow dental professionals to effectively tackle occlusal health from a preventative and therapeutic perspective. Used together, these technologies make the delivery of occlusal guards feasible for the entirety of our patient population.



The digital nature of these technologies means we can deliver this care with fewer touchpoints and visits, minimizing the risk
of COVID transmission. Dental professionals can better protect restorative work, arrest occlusal issues, and help patients get
better sleep.

Occlusal Health

Traditionally, dentistry has focused on hygiene and maintaining proper pH in the mouth, and treating decay when it occurs. But occlusal disease is very common and has a tremendous impact on overall oral health. Occlusal guards are conservative, non-invasive, reversible, and effective.They produce good clinical results when used to treat a variety of issues.

Occlusal Guards Help Patients

Many patients have some form of nocturnal parafunctional habits. Occlusal guards make sense from a preventative or therapeutic perspective for a large portion of the patient population. But current occlusal guard production methods mean that these useful appliances are difficult to manufacture, slow to deliver, and are expensive.


Digital Splints: Rapid Production, Simple Replacement

The traditional design and manufacturing process for occlusal guards can be unforgiving. Replacing lost guards requires that
the full design and manufacture process is repeated. 
Digitally designed and manufactured occlusal guards offer a rapid
alternative. Not only is the initial guard produced more rapidly at a greatly reduced cost, but replacements can be fabricated
without additional office visits. This is much more convenient for the patient and staff, reducing the number of touch-points
and reducing COVID transmission.

Occlusal Guards Done Right

Dentistry has seen the risks to patient health that DTC treatments can carry with them. Since unintended occlusal changes can happen as a result of an occlusal guard, this risk is managed best when under the care of a dentist who sees the patient regularly. Yet the aggressive marketing from DTC companies entices patients without being forthright about the risks. Being proactive in delivering this care protects both your patients’ health and your practice.

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