Protect a Smile

Let's work together to protect the occlusal health of your patients.

Parafunctional habits are increasing, exacerbated by global geopolitical events. To do our part to help, we've launched the SprintRay Protect a Smile campaign - a program designed to help you design, print, and deliver occlusal guards in a way that is great for your patients and a benefit to your practice.

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Occlusal Health is Critial

Traditionally, dentistry has focused on hygiene, maintaining proper pH, and treating decay when it occurs. But occlusal disease is very common and has a tremendous impact on overall oral health. Occlusal guards are a conservative, non-invasive, reversible, and effective treatment. They produce good clinical results when used to treat a variety of issues.

Parafunctional habits are increasing.

Oral issues like clenching, bruxism, and poor sleep quality are increasing, exacerbated by the health and economic risks brought on by geopolitical events. Reports of cracked teeth and jaw pain are at an all-time high. 

Traditional Methods Lag Behind

Occlusal guards make sense from a preventative and therapeutic perspective for a large portion of the expanding patient population currently experiencing occlusal issues. But current methods for producing occlusal guards are slow and costly, failing to offer mass access at this pivotal moment.


Digital Splints Offer a Solution

Traditional design and manufacturing processes for occlusal guards can be unforgiving and time consuming. Replacing lost guards means that this full process must be repeated at a significant cost of time and money to both clinic and patient. Digital occlusal guards offer rapid production at a greatly reduced cost, decreasing the barrier to treatment for many patients.

With Protect a Smile, simply scan your patient, submit your design request through our cloud portal, and receive your printable design within 24 hours. Use your SprintRay 3D printer to fabricate the guard using the flexible but tough KeySplint Soft resin, and deliver to your patient for only a few dollars in materials cost.

The Right Time, The Right Technology

Occlusal guards have never been more important - and they’ve never been this easy to make.

Now, more than ever, we see the benefits of the SprintRay Frictionless Workflow come together to allow dental professionals to effectively tackle occlusal health from a preventative and therapeutic perspective. By leveraging your investment in intraoral scanning and SprintRay, you can scan, order a design using our cloud portal, print, and deliver occlusal guards to your patients rapidly and with minimal cost.

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SprintRay and KeyStone

Better Together
To help deliver on the promise of in-office occlusal guards, we've partnered with KeyStone to ensure that you can deliver comfortable, long-lasting appliances that your patients will love. With a partner like Keystone, SprintRay benefits from decades of dental materials excellence, with full validation of KeySplint Soft and other Keystone resins.

The Right Resin Makes the Difference

KeySplint Soft delivers a flexible, durable resin that's comfortable in the mouth.
Many occlusal guard resins for 3D printers are rigid. While these guards have high resistance to wear, they exhibit flexure when warm. This makes for an extremely comfortable, durable nightguard that your patients will love.
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Occlusal Guards Done Right

Dentistry has seen the risks to patient health that DTC treatments can carry. Since unintended occlusal changes can happen as a result of a guard, this risk is managed best when under the care of a dentist who sees the patient regularly. Yet the aggressive marketing from DTC companies entices patients without being forthright about the risks. Being proactive in delivering this care protects both your patients’ health and your practice.

The Protect a Smile Offer

10 free occlusal guard designs per month for 3 months.

At SprintRay, we're doing our part to help you provide your patients with low-cost occlusal guards. This 3D printing application is a great practice builder, and with 3D printing you can drastically reduce the cost of production and speed up the delivery of this appliance in a time where it has never been more critical.

  • 10 free occlusal guard designs per month for 3 months 
  • 3 month, no-payment financing
  • SprintRay Pro 95 or Pro 55 3D Printer
  • SprintRay Pro Cure
  • Premium Care Plan
  • RayWare Pro

A Powerful Practice Builder

To help you spend more time with your patients, we've made sure that Protect a Smile is extremely user friendly. When you purchase your Pro, you'll receive a promotional code. Once you register, just upload upper, lower, and bite scans to our portal. When the free designs are ready, simply approve and print!

Return on Investment

Almost every patient can benefit from an occlusal guard, and with 3D printing, you can deliver them same- or next-day for only a few dollars in materials cost.
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Variables for Delivering Occlusal Guards

Return on Investment When Using 3D Printing

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Save Up To

$ 300

Per Case

3D printing can help your clinic protect the smiles of your patients. Fabricating occlusal guards in-office allows you to deliver these in-demand appliances same- or next-day for just a few dollars in materials.

Printing can help offices maximize their income streams and multiply investments in other digital technologies such as intraoral scanning. SprintRay Pro is capable of fabricating a wide array of appliances other than occlusal guards, making it a highly versatile tool for almost every dental office.

In-office manufacturing costs listed include monthly equipment cost and digital design fee if applicable. Labor, materials, and consumables costs are not listed in this calculator. This calculator is for demonstrative purposes only. Actual experience may vary.

Connect with Digital Dentistry Experts

With dozens of years experience in the industry and a genuine interest in helping dentists succeed, this no-pressure consultation is a great way to get your questions answered. Select your location from the list to find your nearest Additive Manufacturing Consultant.

Protect Your Patients

It's never been easier to Protect a Smile.
Today, technology allows us to provide a better patient experience. With SprintRay in your office, you can scan, receive your design within 24 hours, and print occlusal guards for your patients. To learn more about how the process works, schedule a free consultation for a customized assessment of your practice readiness.