Introducing SprintRay Study Model White 2 and IDB 2

In News by Tyler Brouwer

At SprintRay, we know that materials are a critical part of the in-office fabrication workflow. So we are pleased to announce new, improved versions for two of our popular resins: Study Model White 2  and IDB 2.

To ensure that we are consistently providing SprintRay users with the latest and most relevant technology, we have improved and refined each resin according to feedback from the dental community. We identified several common pain points associated with these materials and have addressed them in new, innovative ways.

Keep reading to discover more about Study Model White 2 and IDB 2, and the different ways in which they will make your digital workflow more precise, seamless, and efficient.

SprintRay Study Model White 2 

Key Features:

  • Improved flexural modulus and strength
  • Up to 20% faster print speeds
  • Print up to four full arch study models in less than 17 minutes
  • Deliver outstanding patient experience by bringing results to life
  • Beautiful white finish, even after post curing

The new Study Model White 2 offers improvements and cutting-edge formulation to make your work significantly easier and more efficient. A perfect solution for orthodontics and study models, this new resin features a material formulation that provides outstanding color, clarity, and production speed.

Boasting the fastest printing speeds of any other resin, the Study Model White 2 can print full arch models in under 20 minutes. That’s 20% faster than any other resin on the market and the equivalent of 5-10 minutes saved per printing job – an incredible feat of efficiency.

The rapid printing speeds of Study Model White 2 enable the production of same-day mockups and wax-ups, unlocking a quicker and more seamless experience for both the clinician and the patient. Plus, this resin has better platform adhesion and improved flexural strength and modulus, allowing for a hassle-free printing experience.

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SprintRay IDB 2

Key features:

  • Biocompatible, FDA-compliant material
  • High tear resistance, flexibility, and translucence
  • Improved formula for accurate placement

Indirect bonding is increasingly gaining popularity with dental clinicians as they are significantly easier and more straightforward compared to direct bonding. Indirect bonding allows for shorter and quicker bracket placement appointments, enabling reduced chair time and lowered physical and mental stress.

Keeping up with the latest trends, we have redesigned our IDB resin to make sure you have the best 3D printing tools at your disposal for indirect bonding procedures. The new IDB2 features perfect flexibility and outstanding accuracy, making indirect bonding procedures more rapid and cost-effective than ever before. IDP2 produces high-quality, high-precision trays that resist tearing better than any competitor on the market.

By 3D printing indirect bonding trays, you can load an entire arch of brackets into the tray and quickly transfer them onto the patient’s teeth, eliminating the need for outsourcing and long wait times. The pre-printed method means that each bracket gets placed in its exact intended location, removing guesswork and improving placement accuracy.

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Always Striving

As digital workflows gain more traction, we do our best to keep up with the latest trends in digital dentistry and to bring you the most accurate, precise, and user-friendly innovations.

Our two new resins are a case in point, providing new and improved features that make them the perfect addition to any digital dental workflow.

Study Model White 2 and IDB 2 are now available on our store.