SprintRay and SICAT Enter a New, Synergic Partnership

In News by Tyler Brouwer

A new collaboration between SprintRay and SICAT paves a streamlined path to same-day dentistry by allowing SprintRay users to integrate SICAT IMPLANT with the SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem

A Complete Solution for Digital Implantology

At SprintRay, we understand that having a streamlined workflow is an invaluable asset to any practice. As part of our commitment to simplify and perfect the dental workflow, we are excited to unveil a new partnership between SprintRay and one of the leading names in digital dentistry, SICAT

SICAT is the leading developer of dental 3D-based planning software and frequently sets the accuracy standards for the dental industry. We are proud to announce that the SprintRay in-office 3D printing system is now validated by SICAT for use alongside their implantology software, further confirming SprintRay’s high standards of accuracy. 

In addition, this collaboration enables SprintRay users to directly connect SICAT’s Implantology software to their SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem for the quick and precise fabrication of in-office surgical guides. 

A Synergetic Relationship to Simplify Your Workflow

To create the ideal digital dental workflow, there needs to be synergy between its different components, including the hardware and software. Our partnership with SICAT brings exactly this, allowing for easy integration between SICAT IMPLANT and the SprintRay digital ecosystem, ensuring a seamless transition in your workflow. 

This software integration will streamline the guided surgery workflow by simplifying the handoff step between the SICAT IMPLANT and the SprintRay in-office 3D printing ecosystem, allowing practitioners to combine a highly accurate implant placement procedure with rapid turnaround times. By providing a complete solution to digital dentistry, we hope to help dental professionals elevate their practice to new heights and explore new and improved pathways to dental practice.

A Better Path to Same-Day Dentistry

SprintRay and SICAT are both trusted names in the world of digital dentistry, and this new partnership between them serves to render dentistry more user-friendly and future-forward. Using this complete digital solution will streamline any dental workflow, simplify the surgical steps involved, increase the predictability of the results, and make same-day dentistry a viable possibility.

You can learn more about the partnership between SICAT and SprintRay here. To learn about the in-office fabrication of 3D-printed surgical guides, visit SprintRay’s website for a comprehensive collection of information on the topic.