The Power of 3D Printed Restorations with Dr. Daniel Vasquez

In Webinars by Tyler Brouwer

In light of rapid advances in digital dentistry, SprintRay and Dr. Daniel Vasquez (DDS) have partnered up to bring you this webinar on harnessing the full potential of a digitized workflow.

In the webinar, Dr. Vasquez explores the process of digitizing your dental workflow and demonstrates 3D-printing using the CEREC intraoral scanner and SprintRay’s 3D printers.

Discussing digital workflows in the context of busy practices, he explains how you can pragmatically and easily incorporate in-office 3D printing for the printing of crowns, bridges, surgical guides, and other provisional parts. Additionally, the webinar demonstrates the entire process of in-office 3D printing, from scan to print to polish.

In the webinar, Dr. Vasquez discusses several common questions and challenges regarding in-office dental 3D printing, including:

  • Cost per impression, in regards to both time and material
  • Choosing the correct intraoral scanner for your practice.
  • The range of software and tools necessary to create a fully digitized workflow.
  • A comparison between SprintRay’s Pro 95 and Pro 55.
  • 3D printing and its implications on same-day dentistry.
  • The $2 crown made using SprintRay Pro55 and BEGO resin.
  • A case study on crown placement through the Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique (BOPT), using CEREC scanner and inLab.
  • Eventual fit and tissue adaption.
  • A step by step scanning guide

Whether you own a 3D printer or are just looking to acquire one, this webinar will help clarify many of the common challenges and questions surrounding dental 3D printing.

Watch the full webinar below.