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Dental White Resin and MFH Crown & Bridge

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SprintRay is excited to announce the public release of our new Dental White Resin! This product has been in the works for a long time, and will be available in the store very soon. SprintRay Dental White Resin is a great material for dental models, helping to lead conversations with patients for restorative care. Orthodontic and study models also benefit from the color’s high contrast. Additionally, we’re proud to announce launch-day support for NextDent’s new MFH Crown & Bridge material. This support is part of our commitment to offering an open-certified platform that empowers dentists and labs to innovate and use 3D printing to improve their industry.

A Sleeker Model with Dental White Resin
dental model white resin

Dentition model printed with our new and improved Dental Model White resin.

We’ve heard your requests for a more beautiful, cleaner model. Compared to Dental Gray, SprintRay Dental White resin is a visually-appealing model material that retains all the functionality and durability of our other colors. SprintRay Dental White Resin retains all of the detailing of our other resins, but with the cleaner look of pure white. This white resin is perfect for restorative mockups, where patients can see all the details of their treatment plans with an aesthetically pleasing, clean white look. But its benefits also extend into orthodontics, where the creation of models is paramount to the practice. Beautiful, functional study models are only a print away.

Note: When using this resin, make sure to select Dental White in the materials menu in SprintRay Software.

Micro-filled Hybrid Crown & Bridge
crown bridge 3d printing material

NextDent’s newest material is the latest to get certified on our supported open resin platform.

It’s an exciting week in materials news, as we’re also announcing the release of NextDent’s MFH Crown & Bridge material! This new resin is Class IIa biocompatible, which means it’s suitable for long-term placements of crowns and bridges. This resin balances inorganic fillers to achieve a superb strength and wear resistance. What’s more, it comes in 7 shades to color-match your patient’s existing teeth.

Certified Open Resin System
new white resin from sprintray

Create beautiful models, easily, with Dental Model White.

At SprintRay, our commitment to customers means that we don’t just certify our own resins, but work with other material manufacturers to ensure that our product offering is as broad as the market. From launch day, you’ll find full software support for NextDent’s MFH Crown & Bridge material due to our behind-the-scenes work to test and verify this resin’s functionality.

Look for SprintRay Dental White resin and NextDent MFH Crown & Bridge in the SprintRay store at the end of September!