Usain Bolt and SprintRay

SprintRay Launches Even Faster 3D Printing Workflow Solutions

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SprintRay’s new ProCure 2 reduces one week of dental work into a day. 3D Next Summit convenes dental industry leaders to discuss advancements in digital dental technology.

SprintRay has announced the launch of more powerful and faster speed to care solutions for dental professionals – including the revolutionary new ProCure 2 – at its 3D Next Summit in Miami, Florida. The company also introduced the first radio-opaque 3D printer resin for restorative applications, SprintRay OnX.

SprintRay is the only dental technology company that has designed an ecosystem of 3D printing products that incorporates power, speed, artificial intelligence, and a user experience that enables dental professionals to move from scan to placement in less than one hour – delivering a faster, more efficient and less costly chairside experience for patients.

“Leveraging power, speed and AI, SprintRay’s Speed to Care ecosystem of innovative 3D printing products are transforming the digital dentistry space. With the new ProCure 2 launched today, dental professionals will be able to compress one week of dental work into one day, delivering a most cost-effective, efficient, and improved chairside experience,” said SprintRay CEO and Co-Founder Amir Mansouri, Ph.D. “We have convened over 140 dental industry leaders at our inaugural 3D Next Summit on the heels of our two major partnership announcements over the past few days. We hope everyone here and all of our other stakeholders will join us as we continue to build SprintRay and further our commitment to designing and developing innovative technology and products that improve dental care quality and delivery times.”

SprintRay’s new ProCure 2 reduces post-curing times by 10x or more, opening the doors to chairside 3D printing in dentistry. With 25x more light power from a custom curing engine, dental professionals can cure a night guard in just 3 minutes – no preheating required. Mated to a user-friendly, cloud-connected touchscreen computer, chairside 3D printing is now as simple as pressing a button.

SprintRay OnX is the first radio-opaque 3D printer resin for restorative solutions. Delivering best-in-class flexural strength, the OnX offers the best balance of strength and modulus for full arch restorations. OnX is a nanoceramic hybrid class II 3D printing resin used for the production of denture teeth and featuring an optimal combination of translucency and opacity to mimic natural dentition. With industry-leading ceramic content, OnX is exceptionally aesthetic and easy to characterize.

On October 15, SprintRay announced its multi-year partnership with eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, who will represent SprintRay as its Global Brand Ambassador. In addition, SprintRay Foundation, in association with Bolt Foundation, will launch Bolt Labs Powered by SprintRay – an initiative with a mission to make world-class digital dental care accessible and affordable to patients across the world, starting with Jamaica.