3D printing innovation summit opening

3DNext: 3 Days on the Cutting Edge of Dentistry

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The SprintRay 3DNext Innovation Summit took place October 22-24 in Miami. Product launches, innovation workshops, and glimpses into the future were backgrounded by the beautiful Eden Roc hotel with stunning views of Miami Beach and the Atlantic beyond.


When Amir Mansouri, Cofounder and CEO of SprintRay, took the stage at 3DNext on Saturday, all 150+ attendees of 3DNext knew that they were experiencing something special. The summit had started with a bang – two hundred of the best and brightest in dentistry gathered together under the banner of accelerating the future. 

By the time Amir left the stage for the day, along with his cofounders and members of the SprintRay leadership team, those in attendance knew that the way they practice dentistry was going to change forever. The vision, capability, and ambition of SprintRay was in full view. Huge investments in R&D, materials science, and design had paid dividends: the world’s first chairside 3D printing workflow was here.

SprintRay cofounder demonstrating ProCure 2 onstage

This sentiment pervaded 3DNext: dentistry isn’t on the precipice of a revolution anymore – we’re in the midst of one. On stage, SprintRay demonstrated artificial intelligence design technology, innovations in post-curing that will unlock the next decade of materials science, and partnerships that will launch 3D technology to new heights. A Q&A with the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, was bookended by clinical presentations that demonstrated the practical upshot of all this new tech.

Usain Bolt addressing the crowd at 3DNext innovation summit

Off the stage, participants had the chance to see these innovations up-close and in-person. Led by trailblazing clinicians and innovators, these intimate workshops provided a forum for learning, discussion, and praxis. Hands-on demos of ProCure 2 and AI design anchored the day, while an in-depth hybrid denture staining and glazing course offered a new window into fixed prosthesis therapy. An all-new method for smile design rounded out the curriculum. 

3D printing workshop at 3Dnext innovation summit

Social events, including a rooftop cocktail hour and a yacht cruise around the Miami skyline, brought the participants together. SprintRay designers and engineers were in attendance to further strengthen the bond between clinical reality and SprintRay products. 

Yacht cruise in Miami for 3DNext innovation summit

Of course, nothing in dentistry would be possible without the support of the dental community. We are forever indebted to every member who continues to help us propel dentistry forward. In the end, we do this for the patients, for the smiles, for the dream of helping millions of people achieve their full smile potential. 

So our commitment – with your generous help and continued support – is to bring you the next 100 years of dentistry in just 5. 

The full crowd of attendees at the 3DNext innovation summit

SprintRay would like to thank all of those in attendance as well as those who weren’t able to make it. Space was extremely limited this year, and we hope to see even more faces next year.