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New SprintRay Software Update Available Now!

In News by SprintRay Web Team

This newly released SprintRay Software update fixes a handful of small issues and updates the look and feel of our software. Here are the major changes:

  • User interface updates! We’ve changed the shape of the buttons from round to square. We feel that this is a better expression of who we are. We’ve also changed the text color in certain areas, as well as the grouping of certain buttons to make everything more user-friendly.
  • New resin compatibility! NextDent Model, NextDent MFH BL, NextDent MFH N2, and NextDent Castable have all been added to the software. Print away.
  • STL and OBJ files are now associated with SprintRay Software! This means that you can simply double-click on a 3D model file to launch our Software and automatically import the model. It’s all about the details.
  • SSJ files are also associated with our software! You can launch the slice viewer simply by double-clicking on them. Check your prints for bad layers with ease. Plus, print right from the SSJ viewer!
  • We fixed an issue where models sometimes disappeared from the build platform while being dragged.
  • Various other bug fixes and small upgrades to keep SprintRay Software running smooth.

As always, if you have any issues with our software or your printer, please contact customer support!