Video Interview: Dr. Lawrence Fung

In Case Studies by Tyler Brouwer


Dr. Fung is a clinical instructor at the Center for Esthetic Dentistry at UCLA and the team dentist for USC Athletics operates Silicon Beach Dental. He also a startup practice that was designed from the ground-up with digital technologies in mind. In addition to intraoral scanning and using digital smile design methods, Dr. Fung has recently added 3D printing to his tech mix. 3D printing has allowed Dr. Fung and his staff to create physical models from their digital designs, which has has a massively positive impact on case acceptance for esthetic procedures. Having a physical model for the patient to see and hold in their hands helps make the results seem real, and they also help aid in communication between patient and doctor.

Having found great success with waxups, Dr. Fung has also begun printing nightguards for his patients. Thanks to innovations in splint resins, he’s finding great results while delivering these useful appliances in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. Though there are tangible financial benefits to using a 3D printer when compared with traditional manufacturing fees and timelines, Dr. Fung says the most noticeable difference is the big uptick in case acceptance.

Watch the video above to learn all about Dr. Fung’s experience with 3D printing. This video is part of our Real Doctors, Real Stories series – a collection of video interviews all about the impact of 3D printing on dental clinics around the nation.

Real Doctors, Real Stories

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