Video Interview: Dr. Ben Kellum

In Interviews by Tyler Brouwer

Dr. Kellum is the Program Director at The Foundry Dental Center, a community clinic in Bessemer, Alabama, where he and his yearlong residents treat thousands of patients per year. To provide excellent quality of care to his patients while maintaining extremely affordable fees, Dr. Kellum decided to try 3D printing. Now, with two SprintRay printers at his disposal, he and his residents are printing every single day, from dentures to implant guides to waxup models.

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Thanks to the new in-house printers, Dr. Kellum and his staff are able to provide new treatment types for patients who couldn’t afford them before. Temporary dentures, for example, are printed as monolithic in a tooth shade and then can be characterized for a quick and affordable solution. This makes a big difference in a patient’s confidence when they go out into the world for recovery milestones like job interviews. Being able to offer these solutions same- or next-day with only a nominal fee is the kind of low-cost, high-impact flexibility that Dr. Kellum’s clinic needs in order to improve operations without increasing costs.

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