Software Release Notes


Version 2.1.1

-Fixed bug where RayWare would display the incorrect platform size at program launch.
-Fixed bug where RayWare would expect lid feedback from MoonRay printers.
-Fixed glitch where Dentca Resin B1 was incorrectly displayed as A1.
-Added Dentca Resins for MoonRay S and MoonRay D. [For users with premium dashboard accounts.]

Version 2.1

-RayWare now remembers the last selected settings.
-RayWare has capability to detect if a printer is unattended after a completed or cancelled print job.
-Added capability to switch off hover over warnings.
-Added compatibility mode to run faster on less powerful hardware.
-Added crash recovery. Will recover lost work up to 30 seconds of crash.
-Added option to “Add to Queue” directly.
-Added Dentca resins for SprintRay Pro.
-Added support for Die and Model Gray.

Version 2.0

-Updated look and feel
-Added Printability Analysis
-Added Bad Model Detection
-Added Bad Model Repair
-Added Scan Repair
-Added Plane Cut
-Added Model Exporting
-Introduced SPR layout and slicing format
-Added contextual model assistant
-Put in ability to connect to Printers from multiple computers at the same time
-Modified support structure shape for increased strength
-Put in angled support structure base for easier removal
-Added model name text to support structure base
-Improved precision of dimensional accuracy calibration
-Added dashboard login
-Glitch fixes

Version 1.4.5

- Reliability improvements to platform adhesion
- Fixed connection issues related to computers with multiple IP addresses

Version 1.4.4

- Bug Fixes


- Updated resin profiles
- Improved transition between adhesion layers
- Bug Fixes

Version 1.4.1

- UI Updates
- Added new resins: NextDent Model, NextDent MFH BL, NextDent MFH N2, NextDent Castable
- STL and OBJ files are now associated with RayWare. Open them from your file explorer to import them into RayWare
- SSJ Files are now associated with RayWare. Open them from file explorer to make them appear in SSJ Viewer of RayWare
- SSJ Viewer now has a print button
- Fixed glitch where models would sometimes disappear from the build platform when being dragged
- Print SSJ now has a drop-down menu to select the printer
- Fixed glitch where text appears too large on systems with non-default font settings
- Changed color of text in drop-down menus so it is easier to read (now black on gray instead of white on gray)
- Text in Platform Compression Modifier window describes compression distance in microns and makes it clear if gap is tighter or looser
- Clarified text in popup window when model is imported with unknown dimensions
- Clarified text in popup window when model is imported larger than platform size
- Moved manage printers button to beneath print button
- Fixed glitch where Save SSJ would use a potentially invalid location as the starting file path.
- Clarified text in window at the end of calibration process
- Changing printer wifi network through settings button now opens instructions page for re-connecting to printer on new network


Version 5.21

-Added feature to broadcast own network.
-Added lid sensor functionality.
-Added support for Die And Model Gray resin.