Practice Insights: MUSC Dental School and Dr. Tony Mennito

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Late last year, we caught up with Dr. Tony Mennito at the Medical University of South Carolina School of Dentistry. We chatted about how their educational curriculum has been integrating more digital technology, including the recent addition of 3D printing. Ensuring that their students have access to technology during their education helps ensure that they’re ready to practice after graduation, with a good knowledge of how to use the digital tools that are becoming popular within dentistry.

As dental 3D printing becomes more popular and scanner adoption continues to accelerate, Dr. Mennito has begun noticing that students who open up their own practices often choose to invest in these two technologies. Despite the costs, they recognize the value of the efficiency offered by digital tools, and choose not to practice without them.

Dr. Mennito also works closely with Dr. Wally Renne and the rest of the MUSC dental faculty to use 3D printing for innovative experimentation, including the creation of surgical guides with irrigation channels and fit testing of 3D printed dentures vs traditionally-fabricated dentures. With a whole new generation of students and innovative faculty such as Dr. Mennito working to push the boundaries with 3D printing, the future is bright for digital dentistry!

Thanks to Dr. Mennito and the MUSC School of Dentistry for this interview!

About Dr. Mennito

Dr. Tony Mennito is a graduate of the Temple University School of Dentistry. After graduation, he worked in private practice for six years before joining the faculty at the Medical University of South Carolina’s College of Dental Medicine, where he teaches adhesive and CAD/CAM dentistry in the department of oral rehabilitation and is the director for the division of digital dentistry. Mennito, who has published 12 articles in the area of digital dentistry and adhesive resin, is part of the team that has patented a dental adhesive with improved bond longevity. He maintains an active general dentistry practice with special interests including CAD/CAM dentistry and aesthetics. His outside interests include photography, surfing, and soccer

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