NightGuard Firm – Your Resin in Shining Armor

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SprintRay’s rigid 3D printing resin for splints and occlusal guards has arrived, and it promises incredible strength and performance. 

The Rigid Resin You’ve Been Waiting For

Resin plays a crucial role in ensuring that final 3D printed appliances are clinically fit-for-purpose. The slightest imperfection in resin quality or dissonance between resin and hardware can cause problems down the line and negatively impact the patient experience. 

Here at SprintRay, our goal is to achieve a perfectly seamless dental 3D printing ecosystem, and we are constantly improving our resin material to ensure the best possible user experience. In line with that, we are happy to introduce one of the newest members of the SprintRay resin family, the SprintRay NightGuard Firm.

Speed, Strength, and Endurance

  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Great aesthetics with a blue tint
  • Up to 20% faster than competitive materials 
  • Industry-leading strength
  • Flavorless and odorless

NightGuard Firm is a fast printing rigid splint resin with industry-leading strength and aesthetics. This unique biocompatible material is easy to keep clean and polish. High flexural strength and flexural modulus mean that this material is highly resistant to everyday wear and tear and can withstand dropping, biting, as well as grinding. 

NightGuard Firm’s high-strength formulation is not its only catching point, however. This resin prints 20% faster than any other hard splint materials on the market, enabling chairside fabrication and adding value through attracting patients motivated by same-day dentistry.

Currently, many patients are grappling with unprecedented levels of uncertainty and stress. Parafunctional habits such as bruxism are on the rise, and occlusal guards have taken a central position in dental care.  As such, we designed NightGuard Firm to meet the need for customizable, affordable, and accurate occlusal guards. 

Our Cloud Design services allow you to manage and order your occlusal guard designs with just a few simple clicks, making occlusal guard fabrication more streamlined, simple, and efficient than ever before. In addition, you can opt to take advantage of our Protect a Smile Program – SprintRay’s initiative to help make occlusal health more accessible and inclusive. 

A Timely Solution 

By focusing on and streamlining the in-office procedure for occlusal guard fabrication, we aim to deliver a timely solution to a preventable problem. Your patients deserve accessible and inclusive dental care, and the outstanding properties of NightGuard Firm will make it the perfect choice for clinicians and patients looking for affordable, high-strength, aesthetic appliances that can withstand the test of time.

You can purchase NightGuard Firm here.