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You scan. We plan.

The best design software is one you don’t have to learn how to use. SprintRay Cloud Design allows you to tackle production in your office with a blend of artificial intelligence and experienced on-demand designers, all managed from a single cloud portal.

SprintRay Cloud Design integrates RayWare for print setup, where appliances can be batched or sent to any cloud-connected SprintRay 3D printer. Choose between AI Designs (crowns as of now, more to come later) and a wide range of treatments handled by our expert designers.

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Sprintray AI

Scan, design, print, and place in as little as 60 minutes

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Signature Design

Choose treatment, upload data, 3D print

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Design Single-Visit with SprintRay AI

Scan, design, print, and place in as little as 60 minutes

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to streamline your digital workflow. Using proprietary algorithms, our AI system designs dental appliances in minutes, no human intervention required. Send to your 3D printer and place same-day for a wow factor your patients won’t soon forget.

– Only available for posterior teeth
– Only one tooth per case selectable
– If Prep Line is not detectable and a manual design chosen, consider it to be done within additional 24h turnaround time

Designs Offered

AI Crown

Design fee: 15€ per crown Turnaround time: ~5 minutes

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Signature Design

Choose treatment, upload data, 3D print

SprintRay Signature Design is the perfect solution for a busy dental clinic. Sign in to SprintRay Cloud, upload patient data, and request a treatment. Our expert design team will collaborate with you to rapidly create a custom appliance. Send designs via the cloud to your 3D printer to fabricate in-office.

Designs Offered

Occlusal Guards

Starting at 29 € Per Occlusal Guard

Nearly every patient can benefit from an occlusal guard. Drastically reduce the cost and delivery of this useful appliance by fabricating it in your office with minimal labor and lead time. Leverage the innovative SprintRay NightGuard Flex material to deliver high-quality, comfortable guards with high strength and durability. With Cloud Design, you can receive a design straight to your printer.

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Surgical Guide & Implant Planning

130 € Per Guide

Simplify your surgical implant workflow with SprintRay Dashboard. Simply upload your scan and CBCT data, provide treatment information, and our team of experts will provide you a ready-to-print surgical guide. This service includes a full treatment walkthrough video that outlines the specifications of the guide as well as treatment suggestions.

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Surgical Guide with Temporary Restoration

Starting from 143 €

Guided surgery has never been easier than with SprintRay Cloud Design. Simply upload your scan and CBCT data, provide treatment information, and our team of experts will provide you with a ready-to-print single implant surgical guide and an aesthetic, custom temporary crown.

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Crown & Bridge

13€ Per Unit

SprintRay Cloud Design makes in-house production of aesthetic, custom crowns and bridges truly frictionless. With a variation of materials and shades to choose from, your patient will leave with a confident smile.

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Custom Bleaching Tray Model

40 € Per Arch

Our Custom Bleaching Tray Models come with a unique design to create a trench at the gingival margin constructed to hold the bleaching material in place. These ridges not only prevent the bleach from transferring to the gums but also prevent the saliva from entering the tray.

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Removable Dentures

Starting from 75 € Per Arch

Experience the benefits of Digital Dentures with SprintRay Cloud Design. With our digital workflows, you are able to utilize cost-effective solutions that reduce turnaround time and minimizes required visits, compared to traditional dentures. You can access a range of Full Arch Complete Dentures, including Reference, Copy, Immediate, New, and Overdentures. We also offer customizable denture tiers that allow you to create unique dentures that perfectly fit your patient's needs. From tooth styles to gingival esthetics, our denture tiers provide a range of characterizing options to ensure your patients receive personalized prosthetics.

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Models for Clear Aligners

140 € Per Case

Give patients the treatment they want at a price they can afford with SprintRay Cloud Design. Upload patient data and let our team of experts design ready-to-print aligner models that you can fabricate in-office. Plus, each design order includes a treatment walkthrough video that outlines tooth movements.

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Bracket Removal

20 € Per Design

Remove braces and deliver a retainer in the same appointment with digital bracket removal. Submit your most recent scan of the patient and our team will digitally remove the braces, leaving you with a printable file of their final dentition. Simply print and thermoform, then call your patient in for removal.

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Smile Correct

150 € per design

This treatment is suitable for patients with mild crowding, gaps or rotated teeth. It is only treated canine to canine, and treatments typically involve 5-7 levels of aligners. For more complex cases, choose “Models for Clear Aligner Fabrication”. Unfortunately, we cannot treat patients who wear a bonded retainer with aligners.

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Smile Design

25€ per tooth

Select a smile from our extensive catalog with your patient and show what could be possible with an aesthetic correction. In preparation for treatment with veneers or clear aligner treatment. You will receive a mockup model data set for illustration and, if desired, a so-called try-in. This can be used as a prep guide and for temporary care, or it can be based on the situation scan and used directly on the current status (without preparation).

Create a Design

Simple Design Steps, Fast

Taking the work out of in-house production



Choose treatment type, upoload patient data, and provide supporting details.


Evaluate a preview of your design and the treatment plan. Request revisions if desired.
3D Print

3D Print

Send file directly to your SprintRay 3D printer for fast in-office fabrication.

Trusted AI Design

SprintRay Cloud Design powered by artificial intelligence

Automated, reliable AI delivers accurate, repeatable crown designs.
Every step is designed for ease of use, making it simple to learn and easy to teach.
Submit design, receive crown. It’s that simple.

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Cutting-edge Digital Dentistry Powered by SprintRay

The SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem is designed for the unique needs of dental professionals. With SprintRay as your partner, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in dentistry has never been easier.

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